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women in the work place
Alyx Carolus

Women in the workplace – how to navigate post-grad life and career crossroads 

By Alyx Carolus

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Pretty Birds, your first foray into the working world will probably be a moment you’ll never forget. There is nothing quite like getting that piece of paper, attending your graduation and reflecting on all the hard work that went into your newfound qualification. And, of course, saying goodbye to the 7 a.m. classes, clunky textbooks, and stressful exams related to higher education can be the ultimate relief. If you are a seasoned professional, going freelance or opening up your own shop will affirm all your hard won experience and expertise.

But as one door closes, another chapter begins. The working world can be a precarious place for any adult, and young women particularly face a variety of struggles. As we are in the midst of graduation season, we spoke to some women who share the same worries you may be experiencing to garner some insights and tips for moving to the next step in your professional journey.

lipsticks till labor day
Roki Prunali

10 Lipsticks to Wear Through Labor Day

By Roki Prunali

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Coming from someone who barely wears makeup – and it is not because I am one of those “lucky” girls; it’s sheer laziness – when I invest in makeup I try to spend wisely on products and colors that can transcend seasons. Since we are finally enjoying the last days of Spring (it arrived two days ago here in italy), I am on the hunt for staple lipstick shades that will carry me through Labor Day, and beyond.  And what better inspiration for fun lip color, than our very own chief lover, Tamu? Known for her minimal makeup style, she elevates her natural beauty aesthetic  with the hottest lip colors of the moment.

Charisse Kenion

Firsts: LaTonya Yvette

By Charisse Kenion

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“Firsts” is a series of conversations where women share moments that aren’t always talked about, in the hope that they inspire, encourage and comfort.

This week we’re talking to blogger, stylist and author LaTonya Yvette.  Her eponymous site is where she shares everything, from her style inspiration, to her battles with Vitiligo, and everything in between – no subject is taboo. LaTonya expands even further upon her life’s journey in her new book Woman of Color which recently launched to huge acclaim. All The Pretty Birds chatted with the Brooklynite about how she handles life on the internet, and the moment she knew that Woman of Color had to happen.


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