Photographer: Jonathan Southy

Look: Harbison Gown by Charles Harbison, Mateo NY Earrings.


Dear Pretty Birds,

If there is one unequivocal message that I received and understood about 2023, it is that I needed to return home to Jamaica to reconnect with my roots. I’ve returned home to do this on countless occasions, but in a universally disturbing year, all of my angels, ancestors and spiritual guides aligned every possible star so that I could touch down on 18°15′N 77°30′W / 18.250°N 77.500°W right on time. Friends, like so many of you, I have been wrung out to dry by 2023’s roller coaster of emotions. Ever grateful for my blessings, I experienced immense joy and satisfaction. However, I also spent months familiarizing myself with depression, being paralyzed and humbled by the process of letting things run their course, and repeatedly suspended in a daze by the relentless grip of self-doubt, fear and anxiety.

Thankfully, I had my years of theta healing to rely on as I fragilely showed up to confront each emotional struggle. Time and Time again, I asked myself, didn’t I already work on this aspect of my behavior or professional/life challenge? Repeatedly, I realized that previously conquered emotional gremlins serve as pieces of a larger ever evolving puzzle that necessarily transforms to facilitate the realization of our purpose. Strangely though, notwithstanding the absolute emotional bruising and exhaustion I felt, I always possessed a strong sense of vision. I’ve shared this analogy with friends over the last few months: it was as if a tennis ball machine was lobbying all of its capacity at me in one go. I could see all the balls clearly coming at me, feel them striking me, but the most I could do was shake my head, cry and/or laugh. I never looked away, I could identify every angle, and my mind was aware of its index of responses, but irregularly accessed them. Part of me knew that at a certain point, truths must float out of their tidy compartments, but I was unprepared for the amount that broke out at the same time. As the saying goes, what does not kill you, builds character, strengthens you… makes your journey richer, brighter and gives you more life. I emerged from this period because the universe surrounded me with the most diligent squad of angels. I recognized them in nature, on all of my devices by way of angel numbers and more directly, through the unconditional love of my friends and family. Thank you.

So as it may, two years ago, Tia Taylor, my little sister from another Mr., invited me to her November 2023 wedding in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Of course I immediately blacked out the date, but the Universe really did its magic by centering all of my work engagements in the US for the entire month. In addition to attending Tia’s beautiful nuptials, this cosmic bonus put some paper in my pockets, and most importantly, provided me with the opportunity to spend time with family and friends before thanksgiving and Christmas. In fact, one of my college best friends agreed to be my wedding date, and she and I were gifted with a unimaginably meaningful 9 days together in Jamaica before and after the wedding. Blessings upon blessings, upon blessings, no? 

More than a blessing. A renewal. Almost two months after my unforgettable time on the rock, as we refer to Jamaica, I fully understand why the Universe led me back, once again, to my motherland. It was to plant my emotional turbulence in the soil on which I was born so that it can be transmuted into my future dreams, my true purpose and what ultimately will be my destiny. 

I share this new piece of my puzzle with you Pretty Birds. It is a piece that, to the naked eye, may seem identical to other pieces I’ve shared before. It may even seem indiscernible to a whole section of the complete picture. I imagine that your puzzles may be taking form in a similar pattern or manner. Have patience, be still, the light is there. At first it may be faint and only periphery, but slowly it will sharpen and build in intensity to guide you home.

In loving memory of Mrs. Norma Lee Walker.