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xmas hairdos

Holiday Hairdos: Top Hairdos On Instagram

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Holiday Hairdos: Top Hairdos On Instagram by Michela Marra

Have you already tried your new hairdo for the holidays? Between Christmas and New Year’s you’ll have even more lunches, before-dinner-drinks and dinners with your friends. From more formal events to intimate meals, why not have fun by changing your hairdo for each new occasion?


#18: Arlene Antoinette Gibbs, From La to Rome In Style and Grace

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Hey There Pretty Birds,

In Part I of this episode of Tamu’s Cafe, I sit down with my friend Arlene Antoinette Gibbs who worked as a producer and screenwriter in Hollywood before moving to Rome and becoming an interior decorator. Extremely well travelled, a renaissance woman, refreshingly bubbly, she is an absolute joy to talk to and to bounce ideas around with. Please get to know her and be inspired by her wise point of view on race and building your own business. And, stay tuned for Part II, it’s just as inspiring.

Striped manicure

Striped Manicure: Striped Nail

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Striped Manicure: Striped Nail Art By Michela Marra

Striped manicures know no limits. They can be gorgeous when bicolour, or dramatic when enhanced with shiny or fluorescent hues. If, like us, you are trying this for the first time, get some help from nail art experts. We asked the very talented Angela and Laura from, true nail art experts.