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Lunar Abundance
Roki Prunali

Lunar Abundance: Are We Governed by the Moon

By Roki Prunali

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Not to get super sappy on you or anything, but I have always felt a mysterious connection to the moon. Mushiness and craziness aside, the moon has this mystical power over my being and emotions that has always intrigued me but that I have never been able to explain. If my husband had to describe me in only one word, he would more than likely say I am “lunatic”. The word may have references to madness and hysteria, but his meaning is simply that my emotions are erratic and often change with the moon. So, is he right, are my behavior and emotions ruled by the phases of the moon?

Tamu McPherson

That time I took this Selena Gomez for Coach Look for a Spin in Soho

By Tamu McPherson

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I will not take credit for this look, other than adding the Céline goggle-style sunglasses and these pink metallic booties. The outfit was a gift courtesy of Coach from their collaboration with Selena Gomez. The brand delivered it along with a beautiful bouquet of flowers to my hotel in NY during fashion week, and it was hanging in my closet when it arrived. It was a wonderful surprise…

Debra Brown

In the News This Week

By Debra Brown

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Each Wednesday, we recap the most important headlines from our global community to keep you up to speed on world news.

The Supreme Court ruled to uphold a North Dakota voter identification law which requires that voters present an ID which includes a residential address in order to vote, potentially restricting the rights of Native Americans in the state who do not have residential addresses.


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