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Red carpet Beauty

Stars and Beauty Looks: This Week’s Top Makeup and Hair Styles

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Stars and Beauty Looks: This Week’s Top Makeup and Hair Styles by Michela Marra

The stars donned gorgeous beauty and hair looks on the red carpet for both the Grammys and the Baftas, two important international music and film event. Smokey eyes, glossy but super colourful lips and finally, very origina updos… We’ve put together a special list ranking the looks of all the divas. Have a look at the best and be inspired!

80's Redeux
80's Baby!

80’s Redeux

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80s Redeux By Jessie Ajluni

As a child of the 80s I have always had a particular fondness for the opulent, sometimes even slightly oddball, aesthetic of the 1980s. The decade’s “more is more” philosophy is something that I find to be a beacon for my own personal style. Lucky for me designers are feeling these vintage vibes as well, bringing back classic silhouettes like pussy bow blouses, high shine, quirky handbags, and bold graphic jewelry.

Feathered Footwear
Birds of a Feather!

Shoesday Tuesday: Feathered Footwear

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Shoesday Tuesday: Feathered Footwear By Jessie Ajluni

From peacocks to pheasants and this feathery favorite has been a boudoir mainstay since the days of style icon Marilyn Monroe (who could forget those kitten heel beauties in Seven Day Itch?). But, unlike their vintage predecessors, modern day feathered footwear has seen a major overhaul and now have that perfect cool factor to backup the style’s natural sex appeal.