Summer Nail art!

20 Summer Nail Art Looks To Try

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20 Summer Nail Art Looks To Try by Michela Marra

Hey Pretty Birds,

We are in the mood for colourful nails, including shades that recall the sea − from blue to azure to aquamarine − as well as the most energetic color combinations for a manicure that won’t go unnoticed. As usual, our inspiration comes from Instagram: we’ve chosen the top 20 statement nail art looks for you to try out during your vacation. Which one is your favourite? Let us know by leaving a comment!


7 Pool Floats for the Summer

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7 Pool Floats for the Summer by Roki Prunali

It seems these days the jealousy is running deep when we see all those pool parties we wish we were at, not to mention all those cute floaties. Hopefully you Pretty Birds all get your turn with a little R & R and some poolside action. Don’t forget your floaty. We got you covered with the cutest floats for the summer. Have a blast!


6 Basic Burner Workouts

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6 Basic Burner Workouts By Tamu McPherson

In this episode of your fitness moment we feature 6 basic fat burning workouts that focus on conditioning your muscles, strengthening your core, increasing your lower body endurance and boosting your upper body strength.

I have a darling friend Randi who loves to feel the burn while exercising (to a perverse level I would argue), and I never understood why until now. The thing is, I never liked the pain associated with fat burning (I had a relatively low pain threshold) until I completely dedicated myself to my fitness journey as an adult and became more aware of its benefits. Now, I appreciate it because I know that I am burning away the extra wine calories (my vice), burning away fat to reduce and prevent cellulite, and conditioning, strengthening and toning my muscles and body. The result is that I feel energetic, my muscles are prepared for the physical demands of my lifestyle, and my body looks stronger and leaner. Hey, as the saying goes… “No pain, no gain.”