Put a Bow On It

Shoesday Tuesday: 8 Bow Embellished Shoes

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Shoesday Tuesday: 8 Bow Embellished Shoes by Roki Prunali

Embellished shoes are all the craze lately, and the creativity that circles the shoe industry leaves us always wanting more. But the good old fashioned bow, never gets old. The embodiment of girliness, I also associate bows with presents. So, basically what I am saying it that it is like opening a new present every time your wear them. Shhhh! We can just imagine. Here are some Bow Embellished Shoes for your Shoesday Tuesday.

Que Linda!

Linda Tol

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Linda Tol By Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,

Are you enjoying these last days of Summer? I hope so. Before the Season comes to a close, I want to introduce you to Linda Tol, this week’s Pretty Bird. I first noticed Linda a few seasons ago during the fashion month rounds. We became friends after a conversation that we shared while riding the train to Yoox’s 15th anniversary party in Bologna. She really impressed me with her wisdom and business savvy. Plus, she’s also incredibly sweet. Wanting to get to know her even better, I asked her to sit for this profile. Perched on the arm of her chesterfield sofa in her lovey Milanese apartment that she shares with her boyfriend RJ, here’s what she told me.

Give Your Pooch A Smooch

Happy National Dog Day!

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Happy National Dog Day! by Roki Prunali

I don’t know about you Pretty Birds, but I don’t know what I would do without my furry friends. Also known as the Puzzies, my two French Bulldogs, Stoli and Batman continuously put a smile on my face no matter what condition I find myself in. There unconditional love and companionship means the world to me and today is their day to be pampered and celebrated. So Pretty Birds give your pooches a big smooch because it is National Dog Day. Tag us on Instagram with your pup pics.