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Donald Trump
How Will We Eat?

Fuck Donald Trump: How Will We Eat?

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Fuck Donald Trump: How Will We Eat? By Nia Hampton

“To be honest, I inherited a mess.” -45th President Donald Trump

In the second installment of “Fuck Donald Trump” we find ourselves just a little over a month into his presidency and already we’ve seen unprecedented events. Like the firing of Sally Yates, the former Attorney General for refusing to defend his controversial travel ban, the mass revolts in response to the ban and his mention of Fredrick Douglass as someone who is “getting recognized more and more”. The self described “least racist” also asked a black female journalist if she was friends with the Congressional Black Caucus and to set up a meeting with them in response to her questioning why the Government had yet to reach out to the group. The CBC responded through Twitter, reminding El Cheeto of the letter they sent in January to which he never replied.

Red carpet Beauty

Stars and Beauty Looks: This Week’s Top Makeup and Hair Styles

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Stars and Beauty Looks: This Week’s Top Makeup and Hair Styles by Michela Marra

The stars donned gorgeous beauty and hair looks on the red carpet for both the Grammys and the Baftas, two important international music and film event. Smokey eyes, glossy but super colourful lips and finally, very origina updos… We’ve put together a special list ranking the looks of all the divas. Have a look at the best and be inspired!

80's Redeux
80's Baby!

80’s Redeux

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80s Redeux By Jessie Ajluni

As a child of the 80s I have always had a particular fondness for the opulent, sometimes even slightly oddball, aesthetic of the 1980s. The decade’s “more is more” philosophy is something that I find to be a beacon for my own personal style. Lucky for me designers are feeling these vintage vibes as well, bringing back classic silhouettes like pussy bow blouses, high shine, quirky handbags, and bold graphic jewelry.