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Nia Hampton

Aesthetic as Activism: SHAN

By Nia Hampton

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If “the personal is political”, then how you dress and adorn yourself says a lot about who you are. It can also say a lot about what you want to be and who you feel connected to. As technology pushes us all to master the selfie and think of ourselves as brands, people who may not have ever had to think about their “aesthetic” are developing language around why they adorn themselves. We here at invite you to read our interview series “Aesthetic as Activism” and be inspired by these activists who opened up to us about their looks, dreams for the future and self-care routines.

Michela Marra

The 5 Best Ways to Prep Your Skin for Winter

By Michela Marra

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When you hear “winter is coming?”, what do you think of first? Snow-covered mountain roads? Lovely ski weekends? The Starks? Or the perpetual challenge of keeping your skin properly moisturized in grey skies and freezing temperatures? Even the most resilient skin suffers from peeling, dryness or dullness during the coldest season. But with the right products and a bit of extra thought, your skin can also glow straight through winter, and save you quite a bit of repair work in the spring. Here are five fool-proof ways to winter-proof your skin now.

Jessie Ajluni

How To Buy A Handbag: 5 Designers’ Tips

By Jessie Ajluni

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Growing up, I must admit that I was handbag obsessed. With rows and rows of cheap bags in a multitude of color ways, prints, and shapes filling my closet, I was constantly switching out pieces to style with the latest fashion fad I was attempting to recreate. Fast forward more years than I would like to admit, and nowadays I am a one-handbag kinda gal. Gone are the days of fast fashion handbags, and in their stead I have one luxury bag that is my ultimate go to.