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Black Seed Oil
Roki Prunali

Black Seed Oil- The Miracle Supplement

By Roki Prunali

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In the depths of what is already my second cold of the season, I have been frivolously wandering the internet in search for the next “it” thing in the natural supplement world. You Pretty Birds know that I am always down to try the new wellness trends that come my way, and I try to stay as natural as I can to heal myself back to life.

Jessie Ajluni

Designer Spotlight: Elizabeth Kennedy

By Jessie Ajluni

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I’ve long been a fan of Elizabeth Kennedy and her namesake line; the collection’s retro elegance and modern sensibility tick all my boxes for the perfect red carpet glamour. From gorgeous gowns to simply stunning cocktail dresses, it would be no stretch to say that Elizabeth’s brand is surely one of Tinsel Town’s go-to designers du jour. Not shockingly, when Tamu and I met with her one scorching hot day this September, Elizabeth mentioned that she would be jetting out to LA in a few hours for a special VIP fitting for the Emmys.

Michela Marra

My 2018 Masking List

By Michela Marra

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A few years ago, nearly overnight, masking became a part of my regular beauty routine. I’ve barely been able to live without them, partially because the masks of today are just so quick. When I think about my beauty routine in, say, 1997, the outward results of a 20-minute Bioré or Neutrogena purifying mask were so… underwhelming. And messy. These days, all I need is 10 minutes of pampering with any one of my masks from anywhere in the world, and I have suddenly eliminated impurities, moisturized, and full of an honest, healthy glow. The immediate effect masks have on our skin create the perfect base for any treatment to follow, and according to any expert I’ve asked over the years, masks accelerate results. The energy boost and the removal of dead skin cells are also key, but most importantly, they create a barrier against internal aggressors and free radicals. There is now a mask for every type of problem, and I am here to tell you all of the masks that I, dedicated beauty addict, will be using in the coming year.