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Leap of Faith
Roki Prunali

Leap of Faith- Facing the fear that haunts us

By Roki Prunali

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I would never have typecasted myself as fearful – I am outgoing, adventurous and, by nature, down for whatever. Notwithstanding these qualities, I can also be extremely passive. I guess being acquiescent is like a gateway drug to being fearful. But what exactly am I afraid of? Having recently accepted that vulnerability nurtures growth and change, I am going to lay it all out on the table right here and now… I am fearful of feelings, especially dealing with them.

Vitamin C Supplements
Michela Marra

Vitamin C Facial Supplements: a burst of energy for your skin!

By Michela Marra

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Among the many beautiful afternoons spent at my grandmother’s house while my parents were in the office, snack time remains my most favorite memory: a glass filled to the brim with fresh-squeezed orange juice. Dense, sweet, and simply perfect, she would bring it in to me during my afternoon study as I drowned in books and my big nerdy glasses. To this day, I have not found orange juice as good as hers.


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