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Top LA Workouts
Roki Prunali

My Top Workout Classes in LA

By Roki Prunali

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Each time I arrive in Los Angeles, the first thing I do is pre-book all my favorite workout classes. Back home in Milan, the closest I get to a hip, fun workout is Barry’s Bootcamp. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Barry’s – but what I really wish made it its way out there is a groovy dance class. I mean I will chacha the hell out of some Zumba, but I need a little hip hop in my life and a bit more of a challenge.

Jessie Ajluni

The Spring Essentials You Can Wear At Any Temperature

By Jessie Ajluni

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Warmer weather is finally upon us, and along with these mild days, I have a my dressing is reenergized. For some of us, these breezy bastions of temperate temps seem years away, while others have been basking in tropical heat waves for months now and spring feels like old news. So, what to do when you’re about to hit Checkout but nothing in your cart matches the climate around you? The answer, of course, is to get creative. Today I am rounding up some of the most iconic mild weather silhouettes and sharing ways to wear these pieces no matter what the temperature. Because, Pretty Birds, we should never let mother nature get in the way of our style.

Michela Marra

10 Gorgeous Smokey Eyes to Copy Right Now

By Michela Marra

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A pencil, a couple of eye shadows, two brushes (a flat one and one for smudging) and as much mascara as you like: it really takes very little to create the perfect smokey eye. A lot of friends and colleagues are convinced that an impeccable smudged eye makeup look is difficult to achieve… “You need to be an expert,” “You can do it because you always wear makeup/you’re used to it/you know the best makeup artists and they give you tips.” These are a few of the things my friends often say to me. Ok, part of that is true: I am passionate about makeup so it’s only natural for me to experiment with it. It is also true that being backstage at so many shows and having interviewed so many experts has inevitably helped me perfect my skills. However, dear Pretty Birds, let me say that with just a bit of effort you can learn anything, including how to create amazing an smokey eye. Here are some basic rules to follow in order to create a makeup look that screams WOW!