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Green Argan

Argan: the best organic solutions for face, body and hair

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Argan: the best organic solutions for face, body and hair by Michela Marra

Argan is one of our skin’s most precious allies. The oil from this plant, an evergreen tree that lives up to 200 years and can be found only in the small area in southern Morocco that extends from Essaoiura to Agadir, is extracted from the stone of its fruit which resembles an olive. Hydrating, restructuring and emollient, it also carries out an anti-age action. That’s why products which contain this precious natural ingredient should never be missing from your beauty case. We’ve selected some of the top products containing organic and bio ingredients for you.

Thigh Highs!

Shoesday Tuesday: Over The Knee Boots

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Shoesday Tuesday: Over The Knee Boots By Jessie Ajluni

There are few footwear trends that can polarize people as much as over-the-knee-boots. I must admit, the first time I saw these styles hit the runway visions of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman began running through my head. Gradually though, I began to see that when put together a certain way these ultra sexy styles can go from street walker staple to street style star in an instant.

Don't go, Michelle!

…but most of all I’ll miss Michelle.

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“…but most of all I’ll miss Michelle.” By Nia Hampton

It’s over and done now. The Obamas are leaving the White House, and we all await the president elect with baited breath, crossed fingers and all the medicine we can stock up on while we still have health insurance. I look at the President Elect in disgust mainly, but sometimes with a sense of amazement. Barack and Michelle Obama were-if nothing else- a very beautiful couple to look at. The new guy and his wife. Not so much. Honestly, I find myself in awe that we even had the experience of a black president. It was a complex and enlightening ride.