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One-Piece Sexiest Swim for Summer
Anja Tyson

5 Brands Proving That One-Pieces Are the Sexiest Swim of Summer

By Anja Tyson

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As I’ve mentioned a million times before, I came of age at the turn of this century. Style-wise, the eighties had power-dressing, the nineties had chic minimalism… and the aughts had Britney and Justin in head-to-toe denim patchwork on a red carpet step-and-repeat. The 00’s were a decade of many terrible decisions, but two of them for certain were: the popular advent of the Brazilian Bikini Bottom, and the reckless joie-de-vivre with which I approached my summer (and off-season) tanning.

Michela Marra

Green Haircare: Is It Just a Trend?

By Michela Marra

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The keyword that I look for in any new haircare product is “without”. That is without dyes, without aromas and parabens (which are added to some products to preserve them better) and obviously, without paraffin and without sulphate (foaming agents), which oftentimes are not really washing your hair, but instead drying and damaging it. And last but certainly not least on my list of no-no’s are silicones and petroleum oils. Can I still see effective results and beautiful locks using products that do not contain these ingredients? In my own experience, the answer is yes.


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