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Michela Marra

New Year, New You: 8 Celebrity Hairstyle to Copy This New Year’s Eve

By Michela Marra

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Every time I get invited to an end-of-year party the first thing I ask myself — after having chosen the right outfit — is: how shall I wear my hair? I’m sure this has happened to all of you as well. Despite having had short cuts and bobs over the last few years because I find those styles easier to manage, especially when you are going for a different color every season (I love changing the color of my locks! In just a few months I went from platinum to pink, then blue and finally turquoise!), I still run into this problem, especially when I want something really special. After all, New Year’s Eve only happens once every 12 months! If you, too, are undecided, follow my lead: have a look at how the stars are wearing their hair: they are always a great source of inspiration. To make your job easier, I’ve chosen some of the best hair looks as seen on the 2017 red carpet for you. Go ahead and choose your favorite!

Tamu McPherson

Every Outfit I Planned for My Holiday Event Calendar, Part Two: The Office Party

By Tamu McPherson

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No holiday party is trickier to dress for than the Holiday Office Party. Striking the balance of “stylish and fun” with “appropriate and professional” is difficult enough, but add in the anxiety-inducing reality that you will (in all likelihood) not be going home to change first, and you will probably end up silently wrangling yourself into a beaded jumpsuit in the office bathroom after your last meeting, at the option to panic is almost too tempting. One year I even forgot one piece of my look at home. Outfit fails abound.

Black Seed Oil
Roki Prunali

Black Seed Oil- The Miracle Supplement

By Roki Prunali

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In the depths of what is already my second cold of the season, I have been frivolously wandering the internet in search for the next “it” thing in the natural supplement world. You Pretty Birds know that I am always down to try the new wellness trends that come my way, and I try to stay as natural as I can to heal myself back to life.