Photographer: Gianluca Senese

Dear Pretty Birds,

This month, we are highlighting important stories addressing cultural growth and development, personal journeys that stem from childhood influences, and the fresh design perspectives celebrated by new and old friends. 

On this episode of Tamu’s Cafe, Shibon Kennedy prepares roasted harissa carrots with me as we discuss her journey as a tireless multi-hyphenate creative. Having just screened her first short film, We are the W.  Her impressive artistic background exemplifies how curiosity and play across varied mediums truly rounds the human heart, and prepares us for life's demands in ways we may only recognize when time calls. With a  soul-filling connection to her family and friends, this holistic visionary leaves us all feeling seen and held, guided by her pure purpose connected to humility, responsibility and gratitude. 

Our Hair Don’t Care reconnects us with fashion communications veteran Henrietta Gallina, featured in conversation with her sister Diane Tuffuoh, The Afro Beauty Company founder. This conversation marks the first Our Hair Don’t Care presenting the story of more than one subject, and we were particularly interested in seeing their shared experiences as children immersed in the hair care traditions of their Ghanaian family blossom into their unique and parallel perspectives as grown women and mothers. We discuss self-love, hair pain, holding space for our children, and undoing the trauma of the expectations of white beauty standards, and so, so much more. 

Personally, I moved to Italy at the end of January 2005, and mere months later I first experienced the impressive creative energy of Salone del Mobile or (Milan Design Week, as it is known). After a week of touring installations at Cassina, Rossana Orlandi, and Galleria Luisa Delle Piane, I remember thinking to myself: New York will always be in my heart, but Milano is definitely home now! So many years later, after the pandemic’s cancellation of the event in 2020, and limited editions in 2021 and 2022, the community showed up in 2023 with incredible new creations and collaborations, infectious passion and good old smile-inducing camaraderie - Highsnobiety’s collaboration with Bar Basso saw guests spilling into the piazza and neighboring kebab shop with their negroni sbagliatos in hand. A sight uniquely chic and only possible in Milan during Design week, one guest confided.

Since I started attending the fair, fashion houses have steadily increased their presence with original concepts that center house codes within fresh design propositions. For our style story, photographer Imad Skhairi and I attended a selection of presentations by fashion’s favorite brands, along with leading industry players and art world trailblazers. The contents of our journal explore conversations, reflections, one of a kind, sublime objects of desire, from Louis Vuitton Objets Nomades, Hermes Collections for the home, Loewe Chairs, Nomad Milan Artists in Flux powered by Gucci, Byredo Bal D’Afrique by Dozie Kanu and Dimore Studio’s two entries Silence and No Sense. It was absolutely joyous, and I hope that you feel the happiness we experienced during this moment of creativity. 

See you there next year?

Love and always love,