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by Team ATPB


We all love Vogue’s 73 Questions and Ask Anna, but what other Youtube-specific content are we watching these days? There’s a ton of media to consume but who doesn’t enjoy a solid Youtube binge, whether you’re deeply invested in ASMR (shhhh, no judgement) or just love brushing up on your chef skills – there’s something for everyone. And Team ATPB is no different – we’ve all got our faves to watch (KonMari, anyone?). Here’s a selection of Youtube channels to check out and add to your Watch Later tab.


Alyx Carolus 

  • Bon Appetit! – Where do I start? The Bon Appetit (BA) Youtube channel has completely changed the way I engage with food-related media. The team is impeccable, great on camera and I genuinely watch it for entertainment along with learning a thing or two about cooking. I have to mention Claire Saffitz, the mastermind behind Gourmet Makes, a series where she recreates popular food items like Oreo cookies, Doritos chips and other treats in the BA kitchen. An internet darling and literal genius, it’s incredible to watch her figure out how to recreate these tasty treats and the journey on the way to success. Start watching her in the kitchen and the binge watch the rest of the content they have. (Let me know if you’ve watched the Thanksgiving episodes!)


  • Glamour Money Tours – One distinct trait of entering my late twenties was the need to make better financial decisions. Glamour Magazine’s Youtube Channel has a popular segment called Money Tours – which are really interesting to watch and offer insights on how other my peers spend their money around the world. And even though you may not reside in the same city or earn in the same currency, it’s helpful to see how other people live and the cost of living expenses globally. I’ve learnt a lot about how to trim my own expenses and also how not to spend my cash too.


Debra Brown

  • Geography Now – My love of history and travel brought me to this channel. They do short profiles of every country in the world in the United Nations, alphabetically. Their team does a ton of research and tries to insert humor where they can. The host is also an expert traveler and the team comes from all over the world, showing up in the videos when their country comes up to add notes. It’s a really interesting way to learn about the history, geography, politics and culture of every country. My personal favorites were Mongolia and Iran


  • CaseyNeistat – Hands down one of the best vloggers on YouTube. He’s an OG youtuber, filmmaker and it’s said that he’s reinventing the way advertising is done on the internet. Watching this channel you get to see his entire journey including the on-off relationship with his now wife. It’s a modern love story. The videos are super creative, funny and inspiring. 


  • The Take – I came across this channel after watching their “Cinderella: Stop Blaming the Victim” video. My mind is still blown from re-examining how I viewed the Cinderella story. This channel makes the worlds you enter from tv and film richer and deeper with video essays. The channel explores character studies, hidden messages, symbols, actor and director profiles, and more.


Grace Davin

  • Worth It – Do you ever wonder if the food you’re eating is, like, worth it? This Buzzfeed series I started watching this when the first season aired and have enjoyed watching the show evolve and travel to locations all over the world. The Worth It in Japan cake episode is one of my favorites and definitely inspired a few detours during my trip to Japan, but I never got to eat these amazing grapes. Don’t watch this hungry!


  • ​Epicurious is a great channel with plenty of great playlists, such as Lost in the Supermarket where food writer and editor Adina Steiman wanders around specialty supermarkets (Korean, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, and more), filling her grocery cart with interesting products and teaching about food history and culture.


  • Hot Ones by First We Feast – Sean Evans hosts celebrity guests and interviews them while eating 10 chicken wings. However the wings are dressed in hot sauces with scovilles values of 1,800 all the way to 2,000,000+. This series is masterfully created and you should watch it right now. Some of my favorites feature Paul Rudd, Shia LaBeouf, Idris Elba, Aubrey Plaza, Alexa Chung, Hannibal Buress, Issa Rae and so many more.


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