Your Ultimate Seaside Beauty Routine


Your Ultimate Seaside Beauty Routine

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Michela Marra | Wednesday May 23rd 2018

I am a proud, self-diagnosed skincare addict. On my vanity, you will always find a menagerie of moisturizers, booster and cleansers, and no matter the season, there are certain products that I cannot live without. From my oil-based detergent to my gel serum, for me, skincare is my time for a little TLC. And this is especially true when I hit the beach.

Whatever the venue – beach camping, a stay at a lux seaside spa, or even just my annual week visiting my family in Sicily (the most beautiful region in Italy, if you’ve not been), my beauty bag always remains the same. My go-to’s are; a high SPF sunscreen for my face and body, a protective spray for my hair, chapstick, thermal water spray (I am obsessed with Vichy) for sun defense, and, last but not least, a body wash (a tonifying bath is a must for me before heading home from the beach).

Needless to say, years working in beauty has also left me with a treasure chest of advice and information. There is no such thing as too much sunscreen, and a hat and bandana layer nicely in addition to sunglasses for the ultimate protection. Once some, moisturizing the whole body with a nourishing cream, and even better if it’s one that absorbs easily (making the application of the cream that much faster and enjoyable). And that may seem like more than enough advice, but it’s really only the tip of the iceberg in my routine.

If you’re packing a suitcase for an active weekend at the beach, or even just planning on spending a solid week in your beach chair, here are some tips and products – from my experience – to let you keep your mind off your skin and just enjoy your vacation.  

My Go-To Product

Mousse Nettoyante Fleur de Vigne

Soft and light foam, without soap, that delicately cleans and purifies, thanks to the moisturizing grape extract and purifying sage.

Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil di Kiehl’s

This light oil-based detergent is rich in essential oils and botanicals, like lavender and evening primrose, that facilitates the nightly regeneration process, leaving the skin clean and healthy without irritating or drying it out.

Moisturizing: A fundamental step
After cleansing, I regularly apply a hydrating serum and sunscreen, always with a high SPF. As far as cleansers go, I tend to choose delicate products in line with my sensitive skin – nothing too heavy. I hate that “mask” feeling. Luckily, the latest options out there feel light and absorb easily. When I am not in the mood for using foundation with sunscreen, I opt for a colored cream. I would recommend this if you are looking for the most natural looking skin. And, when you are at the beach, it could be helpful to spray thermal water on your face, reapplying your face cream every two hours and your lip and eye protection. For my lips, I choose a sheer lipstick with sunscreen, because I do not want to give up that touch of color.

The Star Player

Fluido Colorato SPF 50+ di Avène

This has a light and fluid texture that gives a luminous and uniform complexion, keeping your look natural.

Beach Hair
Even your hair needs to be protected – and not only dyed hair – with an oil that will create a sort of wrap around your strands. Normally, I use a spray that I apply after every shower and other times during the day, even when my head is covered with my trusty hat.

Hair Products That I Tried Just For You

René Furterer Oil Sunscreen SPF50+

Water resistant, it vaporizes on dry or wet hair. It combines sesame and castor oil for an intense nutrition and brilliance.

Biopoint Solaire Spray On Oil 

This lightweight oil protects your hair, guaranteeing a natural effect thanks to its Color Protective System and grape extract, while the vegetable extracts of jojoba oil allows hydration and nourishment.

After Sun
After a regenerating shower to get off all the salt, I slather a soothing after sun lotion all over my body. After a couple of hours, right before going to bed (or just after dinner), I apply a refreshing skin booster to my face, which, just like my everyday cream, contributes to the repair of my dermis. At the end of a long beach day, I make sure to have handy a great foot cream. Since I am spending my days running around in sandals and flip flops, it is so important to take care of my feet with a nutrient rich cream. My suggestion is to lightly massage these creams to reinvigorate your legs, which are more than likely tired after a long day in the sun. Same goes for your hands, which should be protected and moisturized just like the rest of your body. Here are some products that you should always have by your side.

Hand and Foot Cream by CeraVe

The CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream deeply hydrates thanks to ceramides, hyaluronic acid and glycerine, while the Renewing Foot Cream exfoliates and moisturizes the dry and chapped skin, making it smooth and soft.

L’Occitane Shea Hand Cream

Rich in Shea butter, this cream easily penetrates to nourish, protect and soften your hands, even after a day in the sun.

What do you Pretty Birds pack in your beauty bag when you are headed to the beach? Drop us a line!


Credit ph: @spathumpa, Pinterest


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