Your Cosmic Monthly Mantras for September 2020 Are Here

by Adama Sesay

monthly mantra for september 2020


Welcome to Virgo season, Pretty Birds! The universe is serving up that practical, methodical earth energy that we all have needed to organize, harvest, and prepare for the intense energies that lie ahead. These new monthly astrological mantras are your cosmic empowerment to lift your spiritual vibration and keep you aligned with your purpose for the month. I encourage you to read your sun, moon, and rising signs, as you could apply all three to different aspects of your life and identity. Find a way to incorporate each mantra into your life daily. One idea is to write your sun, moon, and rising sign mantras on cards and post them around your home as small love notes from the universe to help lift your spirits and keep you on track during the month ahead. 


Monthly Mantras for September 2020

On September 2nd, the full moon in Pisces sets a sensitive tone for the month ahead. The new moon in Virgo follows after on September 17th, giving us the ability to take the Piscean creative and emotional energy from the full moon and bring it down to a practical reality. Mars, which represents our passion and drive, turns retrograde in the fire sign of Aries on September 9th while Saturn, the planet of restriction, moves direct in its home sign of Capricorn on September 29th


Here are your astrology mantras for September 2020 to help you navigate the month:


Aries: Your career does not determine your worth, you do. Align with your values and stand firm.


Taurus: Don’t be afraid to OWN and express your individuality. Those that matter, won’t mind!


Gemini: In order to expand and grow your relationships, you must honor and love yourself first.


Cancer: You are a natural-born leader. The key is to come out of your shell, speak up, and own this.


Leo: It’s time to take your creative ideas and put them to practical use. Organize and structure is key.


Virgo: Use the energy of your season to propel forward. Don’t be afraid to use your voice, it will be well received by others.


Libra: Relationships are important but you cannot show up for others if you don’t honor yourself first.


Scorpio: People come and go but your value and worth will remain. Don’t leave yourself on empty, surround yourself with those that align.


Sagittarius: Speak up for what you believe you are worth. Other’s may not agree, but you know your truth.


Capricorn: You don’t wear your heart on your sleeve, but this month honors your feelings and emotions to encourage personal growth.


Aquarius: Home is your creative sanctuary. Create a fresh environment where you can emotionally thrive.


Pisces: A spotlight is on your relationships. Communicate your needs, the universe is supporting you.


Let us know what you think about your cosmic monthly mantras for September 2020 in the comments below or on social media, Pretty Birds!


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Illustration by Janelle Burger @janelleburger


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