Your Cosmic Monthly Mantras for October 2020 Are Here

by Adama Sesay

october 2020 monthly mantras


Welcome to beautiful Libra season and the official start to the fall equinox, pretty birds! The cardinal air sign of Libra which ushers in this new season is ruled by the planet Venus, invoking the energy of beauty, love, justice, abundance, and harmony around us. Libra is about the finer things in life, but this month (of course it’s 2020) has a serious tone to it.


October 2020 Astrology

Our collective attention is shifting from self-care and the cleansing of our energy, towards relationships, our own identity, and whether or not we are honoring our own needs. Fairness, equality, and peace are all Libran values which are major topics in the global society now. This time is extremely important as this is a transitional year in Astrology, meant to restructure not only society but our individual lives. We are becoming our most authentic selves in order to ultimately have a world that values and serves all of humanity.


On October 1st, we start out with the intense full moon in Aries. This full moon can reveal discomfort or challenging emotions as a response to what is no longer a fit in our current reality. Venus will enter the discerning sign of Virgo, which gives an analytical and practical approach to how we relate to others. On October 13th, Mercury Retrograde begins in the sign of Scorpio slowing down and depending on our thought processes. The month will finish with the new moon in Libra on October 16th and the full moon in Taurus on October 31st. Not just one but two full moons this month! 


October 2020 Monthly Mantras

Mantras are meant to elevate your consciousness while bringing your power forth into reality through spelling or words. It’s recommended to use them regularly as affirmations. Here are your October monthly mantras based on what’s in the stars for your zodiac sign. Don’t forget to check your sun, moon, and rising sign.


Aries: Follow your heart, your gut, and your passions. Faith in yourself will not lead you astray.


Taurus: Your emotions are real and valid. It’s okay to speak up when challenged.


Gemini: Speak from your spirit. Embrace your truth and love your authentic voice.


Cancer: As your relationships shift, remember your needs. Nurture yourself first, and you will receive that from others.


Leo: Abundance is a mindset. Know in your heart you’re worth it!


Virgo: Relationships come and go. Time to get real, and embrace yourself first.


Libra: Balancing others and yourself is an art form. Don’t let the scales tip too far in the other direction. Treat yourself with love and others will follow suit.


Scorpio: Your intuition is your compass when it comes to those you surround yourself with. Listen to your inner guidance.


Sagittarius: Your income is tied to your self-worth. Communicating your needs authentically automatically translates to currency in your wallet.


Capricorn: Your connection with others is vital. Gratitude for those in your network can reap beneficial results.


Aquarius: Inspired action mixed with an intense focus can make your dreams a reality. The magic is in the details.


Pisces: As you change, your reality shifts too. New friends are a natural part of growth. Embrace it.


Let us know what you think about your cosmic monthly mantras for October 2020 in the comments below or on social media, Pretty Birds!


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Illustration by Janelle Burger @janelleburger


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