My Xmas Sweater Vibe

by Tamu McPherson

Whenever I plan my outfit for my family’s Xmas lunch, the traditional ugly holiday sweater in its truest form never comes to mind. I don’t know why, but the idea that my jumper (as PJ calls it) should be expected to be cheesy, unapologetically kitschy and gleefully obnoxious just misses me entirely. While snowmen, reindeer and giant snowflakes are highly adorable, their jingle just doesn’t do it for me when plastered across a sweater.

The tune is amazing and perfectly catchy – bright, bold colors, tactile textures, popular winter holiday motifs – but as of December 2017, I still can’t get one over my head and onto my body. And trust me, I’m a fan of traditions big time, and I also have nothing against theme dressing. Hey, I’ll be the first to string a row of penis’ through my twa for a bachelorette party – even at a posh restaurant and the other guest scoff at our “tacky” attire while sipping on their rose champagne. Whatever.

And who remembers America Ferrera’s ugly snowman-themed Xmas sweater in Ugly Betty? How cute and endearing was she covered in all those snowflakes?
That show gave me so many major feels, I think I’ll schedule a re-run binge during this holiday break.

Instead of doing the pure “ugly”, I always opt for what I like to think of as a festive-chic knit situation. Imagine knits that are reminiscent of tinsel glistening in spirals around the Christmas tree; textures that recall santa’s suit, finishings inspired by reindeers’ headdress, or simply, a pattern that resembles a blanket that your grandma covered you with when you fell asleep waiting for Father Christmas . I guess my ugly sweater vibe slices through the icing, cake and filling of Xmas iconography. I take some of the sweetest elements, and wear them across my chest and close to my heart in my own subtle way, and of course, in the spirit of tradition.

Merry Christmas my Loves!

Here are some fun x-mas sweaters I found for your pleasure and personal vibe.

  • Xmas sweater
    & Other Stories Metallic Knit Sweater

Photographer: Eleonora Adani
My outfit details:
– Gucci Embroidered chunky cable knit cardigan
– Gucci Rose Garden print silk dress
– Gucci Leather slide with mink fur
– Gucci headband, similar style here

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