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Wu Tang Clan and Milk Makeup Collab in True Wu Warrior Style

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Roki Prunali | Thursday December 20th 2018

Wu Tang Lipstick

Combine Wu Tang Clan and Teyana Taylor and I am buying anything they are selling. Milk Makeup launched their first-ever collaboration with Wu-Tang Clan, and honestly they couldn’t have picked a better partner. Lately, it seems a lot of makeup brands are tapping musicians for collabs, and I am not mad about it.  And if you think about the success Rihanna and Fenty Beauty has seen, it’s no wonder other companies would want to follow suit.

It may be just a lipstick line, but it is anything but minimalistic. The line consists of eight colors that, when closed, the cases look like solid black bullets with the Wu- Tang “W” and the Chinese symbol for beauty.  Once you remove the outer shell, it is an ornamented dragon design. Wu Tang has a fascination with the Shaolin Kung Fu Culture, so Kali Perez, the product design director, was sure to incorporate it directly.

The colors range from glittery to matte to high shine, and are mostly in the pink and red family, so you can pick your poison. These longwear lipsticks are all named after the I Ching Trigrams: Sacred, Fire, Chi, Flow, Frequency, Source, Cypher and Ruckus. Milk’s products are famously completely vegan, and for this special collection, they decided to introduce some new Chinese-inspired ingredients such as lotus water, cherry blossom, ginseng, bamboo shoots and Chinese red dates.

Wu Tang Lipstick

Collaboration between the makeup brand and one of the most iconic hip-hop groups can be linked to their NYC roots. Wu Tang performed in the Milk Gallery in 2012 during NYFW, and their love for New York helped them to create the collection. “Beyond the common denominator of Wu’s and Milk’s NYC cultural background, I’m excited about this collaboration for the Yin, or Feminine energy, that it evokes,” RZA stated.

RZA and Milk felt that Teyana Taylor best embodies the Wu Warrior, so it’s only natural they made an original track to accompany the collaboration. Teyana is seen as using the lip color as a sort of coat of armor. She performs kung fu-inspired choreography on a roof with the NYC skyline in the background and so fittingly finishes the video with the Wu Tang “W” hand sign.



Since my first encounter with Teyana Taylor in Kanye’s Fade music video, my obsession has reached extreme heights – all the way to the point that I subscribed to her workout videos, stupidly thinking I could somehow have that bangin’ body she has. I can still hope. Now her music video came out with Ghostface Killah, Method Man, and Raekwon just this past Friday, and let’s just say that it’s is probably the only thing being played in my house at the moment. So anything stamped with Wu Tang Clan or Teyana Taylor has definitely got my attention.

The limited-edition collection is sold on MilkMakeup.com.  

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