Winter Style Breakdown: Layering Like A Pro

by Jessie Ajluni

The days are inching slowly towards Spring, and with them comes the bipolar weather currently putting a drag on everyone’s NYFW style.  The obvious plan of attack against these yo-yo-ing temperatures is to layer.  Not only is layering perfect for both the bitter cold and the wet-ish warm, but it is your best weapon to combat days that start mild and somehow end up sub-thermal by lunchtime.

But…layering? It’s not exactly a new concept, and at this point I really thought I had it mastered, but a dreary, schizo January has left me a little low on inventiveness. To divine some new inspiration, I turned to our Chief Lover, Tamu, for style guidance. And boy did she hit it out of the park with this multilayered OTT look.  From the gorgeous Gucci skirt to the killer leopard coat and check blazer combo, each piece is more exciting than the last.

When I asked her what inspired the ensemble, she told me “I am having a more-is-more moment and want to wear all of my favorite pieces. My mood is very mix-n-match right now.”

And with this, Pretty Birds, I bring you our second installment of the Winter Style Breakdown. Below, I’ve laid out all of the essential pieces in Tamu’s look so that you can steal them for yourselves.

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Leopard Coat

Ah, leopard – one the of magical prints that manages somehow to be both a standout pattern and a neutral base, all at once.  By now you are no stranger to my obsession with feline coats, but I must admit my love affair was born again after I saw Tamu’s mix of print-clashing perfection.  The key to making this look pop is balancing your pieces; go for leopard prints that are smaller or larger in scale than your other patterns.

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Plaid Oversized Blazer

Yes, we know that our infatuation with check blazers is bordering on stalkerish, but considering how perfect a topper this is for any cool weather look, can you really blame us?  Whether worn with a simple denim/sweater weekend getaway look, or as Tamu wears it here with a print-on-print look, this blazer will earn its miles in any wardrobe.  If you make only one investment buy this year, let this be it.

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Tiered Skirt

I have a confession to make: ever since we featured Tamu’s gorgeous Gucci skirt in our tiered skirts post, I’ve been dying to showcase it again. I mean, it is perfect, right?  I was so excited when she lived up to her New Year’s fashion goal and re-wore it in such a different way.  She effortlessly proves that you can make a stand out statement piece a versatile staple in your wardrobe, you just have to have a little creativity.

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Beaded Statement Bag

Ever since I first laid eyes on Tamu’s pearl Shrimps bag a few months ago, I’ve been obsessed with this beaded beauty.  Now concluding my quest to find options at a slightly lower price point, I offer you the fruits of my labor.  From my newly discovered love of Ghanaian designer Adubea Jensen to the reliable whimsy of Susan Alexandra, these bags perfectly finish any ensemble.  We love them even more paired with an over the top look that speaks to our love for all things vintage and theatrical.

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Chunky Heeled Bootie

Wide-heeled boots are hands down the best investment to make during the winter season.  They are the perfect marriage of style and sensibility.  The larger heel makes walking around the city a breeze, and the unique patterns and color combos provide endless opportunities for people to stop you on the street and ask, “where did you get your shoes?”

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Photographer: Renwe Jules

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