Why Women Collaboration Is Important

by Chloe' Flowers


Some of my best creative work has been done with women. Whether it’s a photoshoot, an interview, a podcast collaboration, or a meeting discussing ideas, I’ve always felt empowered working with women. To me, a woman is the most powerful human that exists, we stretch ourselves out to save the world. The only thing that makes a woman more powerful than she is alone, is to combine the power of multiple women. Women are in such an unapologetic space and really stepping into their power. For so long. women have been undermined and barely considered for collaborations with men. Instead of begging to be included, we have begun to lean on each other.


Who Run The World? Women in Collaboration!

As a woman, it’s so important to reach back down and pull another woman up once you have reached a place of power. For the most part, we are all we have. I know so many talented women who can do all kinds of things.



If you get an opportunity that you can’t fulfil, suggest a fellow woman who you know would kill it! This creates a web of women who are constantly networking and handing each other chances to excel. I can’t count how many times I’ve been given opportunities I would’ve never had if it wasn’t for other women connecting me to the source. We have to look out for each other in this way, because if we don’t, who will? Women only get a fraction of the opportunities that men get, so we have to reach for the stars on our own. So many opportunities are available, so if someone needs a photographer – suggest a few photographers that you know. If someone needs a stylist – suggest a stylist that you know. There is so much talent to be shared with the world, as long as we’re generous and recycle opportunities. 



Something as simple as taking time out to mentor someone who is trying to do the same thing as you helps other women. Looking over someone’s work and giving her constructive criticism (when asked) is what lifts other women up. Being vocal when you enjoy someone’s work gives them the creative energy they need to keep going. If you have a friend who’s been sitting on an idea or project too long, urge her to follow through and offer encouragement. Every chance I get, I take the opportunity to reach out to women who constantly inspire me and save space for me to see life in another light. Women are such inspiring beings and deserve to hear about it as much as possible, so that more greatness can be produced. 



Social media is a big part of most of our lives. Even with all the negative aspects of social media, it provides us the opportunity to connect with those near and far. Social media has allowed me to meet some of the most influential women. I have met many kindred spirits on Instagram and have continued to grow relationships with them. Showing love to the women you appreciate on socials not only gives them inspiration and acknowledgement, but it also introduces them to your followers. Commenting something positive under a girl boss’s photo whom you admire, or reposting her work, can help her to gain exposure and success. When navigating Instagram, be intentional about promoting your girlfriends. Once people see how supportive you are, they’re likely to return that same energy. 



If you want to support the women in your life, show up for them and for their work. Try to attend as many events as you can. It’s important to back the work your friends have poured their hearts into. Buy products from your friends when you can: it’s important that we circulate money and resources! Repost your friends’ event flyers, wear and rep their brands. If you have friends who are writers, read their work and buy their books. Immerse yourself in the creativity of your friends. If you have a friend who is in need of anything, be sure to help her as best as you can. 


Being a woman is liberating, it’s ever-changing and it’s getting better and better for us. I have met so many amazing women over the past few years and I am so grateful. I hope that you’ve found at least one new way you can support a woman, Pretty Birds. At the end of the day, this world is just what WE make it. 


Image by: @carlota_guerrero


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