Why We Love: Arugula

by Roki Prunali


Why We Love: Arugula by Roki Prunali

Arugula, Rocket, Rucola, whatever you want to call it, don’t let this little green leaf deceive you, it is jam packed with good stuff. With all of its green leaf counterparts that overshadow Arugula, this low calorie green should be part of your daily regime. Stay here Pretty Birds to learn a little more of this underdog called Arugula.

Every time I read up on Arugula, I am blown away at really how low the calories are, combined with the nutrients it provides. For about 2 cups (40 grams) there are approximately 10 calories. Not to mention how much this leafy green fills you up, it is a great way to suppress hunger and avoiding intake of other fatty foods during your meals. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying to solely eat Arugula, but add some protein and other green veggies like cucumber or celery and some legumes to round out a full meal. Arugula also contains in 2 cups, 1 gram of protein and 0.3 grams of fat. It provides 20% of your daily Vitamin A and 50% of Vitamin K.

I have had some inflammation problems and my nutritionist has encouraged me to eat as much Arugula as I want with every meal. It contains indole-3-carbinol and isothiocyanates which both have been shown to suppress the production of inflammatory mediators. With its fiber content, it helps clean out the colon and helps cleanse out the toxins in the body. No wonder it is such a huge part of my diet.

Need that extra umph when you are working out? Arugula contains high nitrate levels, which has been shown to lower blood pressure and reduce the amount of oxygen needed during exercise and enhance athletic performance.

Ok, now let’s get serious. Did you Pretty Birds know that Arugula is considered an aphrodisiac dating back to the first century in Rome? Research has shown that there are minerals and antioxidants that are essential in sexual health and help block environmental contaminants that are said to be negative to our libido. Who would of known?

Try to think outside of the box when trying to integrate Arugula into your diet. Here are some ways to add this must have green into your daily diet.

The amount of salads are endless, so I won’t even go there. I would love to hear your Arugula salad recipes.

Add some arugula to your omelet or scramble.

Making a sandwhich, instead of adding lettuce, add some arugula.

Are you a juicer like us at All the Pretty Birds, add a handful of arugula to your green juice.

Making pesto? Add some Arugula to balance out the basil.


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