Why “fresh skin” is the main beauty trend for Spring 2018


Why “fresh skin” is the main beauty trend for Spring 2018

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Michela Marra | Tuesday April 10th 2018

Last week I turned 39 and while I was blowing out the candles on my birthday cake I wondered what my forties will bring? How will my skin look? Will I be able to keep it looking compact and wrinkle-free when I hit forty? Will my skin still look pretty flawless and allow me to continue opting for a natural-looking, minimal makeup look? According to makeup artists, the answer is “absolutely!” This is not because my skin will be wrinkle-free forever (I wish!), but because what’s trending on the runways nowadays can be expressed in a single term: natural. This means skin is fresh, free of heavy layers of makeup and extremely well maintained thanks to rigorous skincare routines.

Rajan Tolomei, Max Factor’s official makeup artist and someone I’ve known for years, confirmed this during a breakfast meeting. Indeed, he’s been repeating the same thing to journalists and beauty addicts for years now: «Learn how to enhance your natural beauty». But how? «By embracing the concept of nude makeup, for starters» says Rajan. «I know perfectly well that nowadays, you ladies love being able to flaunt luminous skin without looking too artificial. On the one hand, you want skin without any expression lines yet on the other, you want a look that wont reveal even the slightest trace of any of the products youve used». The key product is none other than foundation «which must have a formula that blends in entirely with the skin for a totally fresh, seamless look. Only small discolorations and imperfections are to be covered while skin tone is to be enhanced using products that have a slightly glowing finish, though never excessively». And then there are lashes: unlike previous seasons in which the trends including neither coloring nor emphasizing them, today lashes have become true protagonists. The trick is not to make them look too aggressive: everything needs to fit into a mood that embraces understatement as an approach to life.

How come natural-looking, bright skin has become our new mantra? Less is more, said someone some time ago. Similarly, in this day and age when everyone is more concerned with “taking away” rather than “adding,” skincare product formulas have become increasingly lighter: “green” has become “clean” because products contain natural, eco-friendly products but are also free of harmful chemicals such as color, silicone, and minerals that can cause irritating reactions and, ironically, increasie skin imperfections. The WWD Digital Beauty Forum 2017 has confirmed this trend: nowadays, women, especially younger women, prefer natural, active products that allow them to access and carefully read about product formulas. “Less is more,” is thus really much more than a trend: it often becomes a need as the number of cases of sensitive or intolerant skin seems to be increasing due to the high level of pollution in cities. Faced with this reality, aiming for healthy skin and a perfect face, even if with a few expression lines, becomes our main objective. This is also my very own personal goal as I approach (and not without a bit of anxiety!) forty.

So, if “fresh skin” is in, how should I modify my beauty routine? What should I be paying attention to during spring so that I can better face the summer? «To maintain healthy, compact and fresh-looking skin, the number one rule is always about hydrating skin,»  suggests dermatologist Antonio Di Pietro. If skin is not sufficiently hydrated, it appears rough and dry; its elasticity will diminish and it will lose its natural brightness,» a condition that is essential when aiming for a very fresh look.

There are a few, simple rules to follow, according to the expert, before resorting to makeup: drink at least two litres of water a day, which may include herbal teas and infusions, and fruit and vegetable juices, eat foods that contain large amounts of water and are rich in vitamins and minerals. These are all elements that nourish skin and facilitate cell renewal. Also, make sure you moisturize properlyfrom the outside. «An essential aid the dermatologist adds is the use of creams and serums containing regenerating substances like hyaluronic acid, phospholipids and vitamin C. To maximize results, it is important to apply these products by massaging them into skin using circular movements in order to reactivate microcirculation. Obvious, right?

Would you, too, like a fresh skin look you can be proud of? Here are 4 makeup products that will help you flaunt splendid looking skin that is at its best because it’s trendy, of course, but especially because you like it!

Bare Minerals Prep Step hydrating and illuminating facial base
This is a primer that is rich in precious, hydrating ingredients like Shea butter and Manuka honey which are excellent for preparing the skin for makeup. Also, its formula adds a touch of radiance to your skin tone. Alternately, you can choose a luminous primer with iridescent micro particles like Sensai Glowing Base.

Giorgio Armani Face Fabric Second Skin Makeup
This second skin effect foundation is ideal for those who want a natural finish: its texture conforms to your face for a look that is absolutely nude.

Caudalie French Kiss
Finally, to add a soft touch of color to your lips, choose this conditioner that protects and leaves lips soft for a long time.

BadGAL Bang by Benefit  
Do you want full, voluminous lashes all day long? Opt for this super light mascara.

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