What’s the Deal With CBD Products?

by Alyx Carolus


Whether you need to sleep better or want to calm down during the day, chances are, you’ve tried a product with cannabidiol (CBD). Forbes and the Hemp Business Journal predicts that the industry is set to grow to $2.1 billion this year and with the advent of COVID-19, more people are looking for sleep and relaxation aids. CBD products aren’t going anywhere, but the industry is evolving as consumers’ preferences change.  

In 2018, ATPB’s Director of Business and Brand Roki Prunali shared how cannabis is taking over wellness. She mentions that evidence has shown that with its high anti-inflammatory qualities, CBD has made its way into products fighting chronic pain, headaches, anxiety, and insomnia. However, it’s no longer a novel ingredient but there are new ways to incorporate CBD into products. 


CBD products in 2020: what’s on the radar?

Currently, the legalization of cannabis and CBD still isn’t uniform across the globe, but most countries have loosened their regulations around hemp and its by-products. In 2018, the United States passed the Farm Bill into Congress, so hemp was legalized and is no longer grouped together with marijuana. This change has definitely impacted the overall industry and contributed to the uptick in revenue and availability of a variety of CBD products. So what is happening in the future of CBD and surrounding industries?


Better quality CBD products for all 

When the CBD craze hit global communities, we were all intrigued by how these products could benefit us. The demand for this ingredient led to an influx of sub-par products that claimed to work and hold up to standards. As a result, people are far more knowledgeable about how CBD works and which CBD products are worth their money. Consumers are more likely to ask about authentic products and in some areas, CBD companies are providing a Certificate of Analysis. According to this Citizen Truth article, a Certificate of Analysis is a document from an accredited laboratory that shows the number of various cannabinoids in a product. While this may not be the case around the world, it is a helpful tool for both consumers and business owners alike. Better quality control means creating products that perform and appeal to your consumer base. 


CBD products in your kitchen 

The ingredient has entered our kitchen in a major way. You can enjoy CBD coffee, chocolate, and even pantry products like syrups. Whether it works effectively is up for debate and depends on the consumer. Another relative newcomer in the industry is the sparkling water drink infused with hemp or adaptogens. In the US, we’ve seen brands like Recess win over a loyal following with their “Stay cool, calm & collected” slogan. Recess offers three variants and markets the idea of a CBD drink taking off the edge on a long day. The same goes for DOPE, a South African-based company selling sparkling water with 6mg of CBD. Consumers are advised to limit it to three a day, as more is deemed ineffective. 



But in 2020, we’ll see more beverage-related CBD offerings, from kombucha to beer. There’s an increasing demand for CBD-infused products as the technology around the process improves.


CBD products for pets

Yes, you read that correctly. There are CBD-infused products available for your pets. But will it work? This HuffPost article says that CBD products for dogs have been shown to help with some issues like pain and anxiety, but too few studies are available to conclusively say they will help.There is a debate about whether it works to treat a symptom or if it opens up risk for potentially toxic products, so it’s best to chat with your vet before you try anything out. 


Up in smoke? 

You’ve heard about the oils, rubs, and CBD skincare, but have you ever smoked CBD? Instead of ingesting or applying CBD topically, we’re seeing more variations of CBD smokes. Lowell Farms, a California-based farm (where marijuana is legal), sells pre-rolled THC and CBD smokes. They also offer CBD flower aka legal hemp if you want to roll your own. 


All in all, the CBD industry isn’t going away, with aforementioned projected growth in the billions according to Forbes. Products are changing and the demand for relaxation aids ramps up as we’re all trying to survive unprecedented times.  Millenials are known for  trying to do as much as possible, that it’s hard to switch off. Personally, CBD products have had a positive effect for and have helped me unwind from a stressful day.


While the CBD industry has been booming, we can’t forget that there are people serving time for marijuana-related charges. The legal cannabis industry is also under pressure to acknowledge the reparations owed to those who helped this industry and culture grow. 


What are your thoughts on CBD? Have you tried any CBD products yet? Let us know in the comments below!


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