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While COVID-19 restrictions, lockdowns, and quarantines start to lift across the world, many people are choosing to remain close to home and continue to practice social distancing to some degree, depending on work commitments. It makes sense to feel a little wary of what’s to come and how to move forward. As we continue to exist in this time of transition, remember to relax and recharge, Pretty Birds. Today, we’re sharing a few series that we’ve been watching on streaming to entertain and lift our moods.


What to Watch on Streaming 

We are all incredibly grateful to have the privilege of reliable Wifi access in order to work hard, stay connected, and check out streaming content from home during this pandemic. Was it just us or was everyone else jumping into series more often as the world more or less shut down? Whether you’re watching new series or revisiting favorites, it can be comforting to do something as normal as watching a little tv. And so, Team ATPB shared a few of the series we’ve been watching lately while dealing with our changing realities in Cape Town, Milan, and LA.


What Team ATPB is Watching on Streaming


Alyx Carolus, Social Media Director


Watching on Netflix:

  • Tiger KingWho hasn’t watched this hit Netflix series yet? I had no clue what I was getting myself in for – Tiger King is the wildest ride with plot twists that a reality show could only dream of. I need a follow up and I’m praying for a season 2. 
  • Derry Girls – Set in the 1990s, this Irish comedy series is hilarious. If you grew up Catholic, you’ll find the content extremely relatable. I watched two seasons in a weekend and I can’t wait for the latest one to arrive. 
  • I am Not Okay With This – Based on a comic book from Charles Forsman, if you like teenage angst sprinkled with a bit of the supernatural – you’ll love this. I adore Sydney Novak so much (also Stan!).
  • Cheer – I’m not familiar with the cheerleading world beyond the 2000 comedy classic Bring it On but Cheer was incredible. I watched it and fell in love with the athletes and came out with a newfound respect for the cheerleading community. 
  • Broadchurch – An oldie but a goodie, this British serial crime series is so well produced. The British coastline and superb acting makes this such a good weekend watch.


Grace Davin, Associate Editor


Watching on Netflix:

  • Unorthodox – This is a new Netflix miniseries loosely based on Deborah Feldman’s autobiography fleeing her Hasidic Jewish community in Brooklyn. It captures an intense community in a historic way, as the first Netflix series with Yiddish as the primary language. I thought it was really interesting and rich in emotion, drama, and cultural rituals. There’s also a “Making Of” which shows a cool behind the scenes.
  • Miyazaki anime – I’m making my way through Studio Ghibli animations (My Neighbor Totoro, Howl’s Moving Castle, Spirited Away, Ponyo, etc), which I’ve heard wonderful things about over the years. I love how imaginative they are and would recommend them to anyone looking for an exciting escape from their familiar surroundings, as they are so immersive. Great to watch with little ones, as well!
  • The Goop Lab – This series was jam packed with Gwenyth Paltrow being very Gwenyth Paltrow as well as niche experts sharing their knowledge and experiences on a variety of health and wellness topics. I loved learning about the Wim Hof method in the Cold Comfort episode as well as the importance of fascia stretching in the Energy Experience. Definitely watch!


Watching on Amazon Prime:

watching on streaming

  • Making the Cut – I just started watching this and was really caught by the first episode! I’m looking forward to following along with an interesting international cast of designers on a rollercoaster of challenges, plus amazing judges, Heidi Klum, and the adorable Tim Gunn. Are you watching too, Pretty Birds?
  • Phantom Thread – I haven’t seen this yet, but it’s been on my list for a while and I can’t wait to see the costume design.


Roki Prunali, Director of Business and Brand


Watching on Netflix:

  • Jane the Virgin – I remember when Tamu was binge watching this series and I was always intrigued. It is no wonder why…as they explain it “an Americanized telenovela”. The episodes are so crazy that you just have to know what happens next and that is how I finished 100 episodes in about two weeks.
  • Ozark – Trying to find a show that both my husband and I actually enjoy is a serious feat. Normally the only thing he will watch is crime or documentaries (which is where we tend to disagree on). Once we do choose a show, he normally falls asleep by the time the opening credits roll and I end up watching the whole episode. Ozark is one of those shows that we can actually get through together, so that is all I am going to say on why you should watch Ozark.
  • Love is Blind – I admit I love me some Bachelor and it is hard for me to open myself to other dating shows. While watching the Prescod sisters commenting on the wildness of this show, I had to see for myself.
  • Room on the Broom – As much as I want to binge watch Netflix for myself, the truth is my son has his favorites. If you are looking for just a quick show, Room on the Broom is a super cute clay animation based on the book and has been on repeat in this household. I even have to recite all the lines for him.


Watching on Amazon Prime:


  • The Hunters – I have only gotten through the first episode, but the amount of action that happened in the first episode left me needing a minute. Plus Al Pacino is an extra bonus. 
  • Soaked in Bleach – I had no idea the whole story of Kurt Cobain’s story and this documentary does not disappoint.
  • Pete the Cat– My son loves Pete the Cat books and that cool cat vibe lives on in these episodes.


Watching on Hulu:


  • High Fidelity – This is on my to watch list for the simple reason that I love Zoë Kravitz and will flock to see anything she touches.
  • Dave – This comedy and semi autobiography of Lil’ Dicky a rapper from the suburbs of Philadelphia is hilarious. I have only started the first episode, but really looking forward to seeing the rest.


How about you Pretty Birds, what are you watching on streaming? Leave a comment and connect with us!


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