What to Pack For The Ultimate Long Weekend Getaway Bag

by Jessie Ajluni

Ultimate Long Weekend Getaway Bag

Ahh… there is nothing more magical than a long and leisurely holiday. But what to do when time and work obligations do not permit much needed and desired R&R? The next best thing: a quick but purposeful weekend getaway! The perfect way to scratch your travel itch, but without the commitment of a full blown vacation. However, one of the common dilemmas I always get asked about when it comes to these mini breaks is what to pack

With limited time due to our hectic schedules, it’s so easy to get carried away with perceived necessities which encourages the tendency to overpack.  Maybe you’ve been there before? You pack multiple bags, end up wearing a third of their contents, but still have to lug them through airports and navigate around them in your tiny hotel room in a heroic effort to avoid stubbing your big toe? But fear not Pretty Birds, we’ve got you covered with a breakdown of how to pack for several of our favorite weekend jaunts, just in time for the gorgeous spring days ahead.

Ultimate Long Weekend Getaway Bag

Beach Retreat

For the most relaxing of weekend excursions, hit the sand and surf. With days spent worshiping the sun, and nights bathed in moonlight at an amazing outdoor restaurants, this vacay is all about indulgence and rest. But how do you seamlessly transition from casual days to dressy nights? The key is to go for pieces that can double duty like this gorgeous Weekend Max Mara dress that also works as a beach cover-up. We also love these Hermes sandals that have a slight heel, they are perfect for strolling from the beach right over to the bar. Day to evening handled, what about choosing that oh so necessary swimsuit? We recommend a one-piece that can work as a bodysuit that can be worn with a pair of cut of shorts for any time spent away from the surf, or underneath a sheer dress in the evening.

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    Hermes Bateau Jeux d’Animaux Beach Bag


Ultimate Long Weekend Getaway Bag

City Break

If urban exploration is more your thing, then perhaps a quick city break is more your speed. From hitting up museums, theaters and music establishments, to exploring local shopping haunts, the cultural attractions are endless when going on this type of weekend getaway. If you are a heavy shopper, one important essential for this excursion is a soft collapsible weekend bag. Easy to pack in your existing suitcase, and perfect for collecting all your holiday mementos, gifts for that special someone, or just all those amazing local deals you got for yourself, you won’t be disappointed that you brought an extra bag for this trip. Another must-have is by far a lightweight jacket, like this gorgeous trench from Tommy Hilfiger. Whether ducking in and out of heavily AC’d museums to spending time exploring warm, sunny parks, a little light layering will have you feeling comfortable no matter where your tour unfolds.  And finally the last key items for your city vacay are multipurpose accessories like this stylish purse/camera bag from Ona or these comfortable but dressy flats from Rupert Sanderson. Both are easy to wear during the day but can transition to night if you need to elevate your style without having to pack any extra pieces.

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    AWAY The Medium


Ultimate Long Weekend Getaway Bag

Short Distance Road Trip

One of the most iconic forms of long-term travel, the road trip can easily work in a shorter long weekend version as well. Whether you are taking the time to explore your state or want to sightsee in your region, hopping in a car and hitting the roads can be an ideal way to spend a long weekend. The secret to this trip is all about the comfort. You’ll be in a small space most of the time so choose cozy clothing, like this travel set from Equipment. It’s the ideal thing to wear whether you are in the car, hitting up local attractions and you can also sleep in it. For a little bit of extra style, and to protect against unforeseen elements, you can also pack a fun windbreaker like this bright metallic one from Peuterey.

Now, that you have your clothing sorted, what about snack options? To avoid pit stops at those unhealthy gas station cafes or fast food restos that dot the highways, we suggest planning your food around a source box like this one from Graze. The brand offers over 100 healthy organic options that can be delivered to your door before your trip. Finally, whether your making this journey alone or with a group of friends, document it with this adorable Instax camera. A cute post trip idea is to get a map of your trip and tack on the pictures along the route you traveled for the perfect visual memory of an amazing journey. Ready to roll? See you on the roads.

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    Louis Vuitton Palm Springs Backpack MM

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