What Does Saturn Return Mean for You?

by Alyx Carolus

saturn return in aquarius 2020

Here at Team ATPB, we love astrology and anything woo-woo related. But there are so many concepts to keep track of in astrology, especially if you’re just starting to explore this esoteric practice. We talk about the Big Three (sun, moon, and rising signs) and how compatibility isn’t just reserved to one aspect of your natal chart. However, have you heard about Saturn Return yet? This astrological event is one of the major ones, where Saturn returns to the position it was the day you were born. If you’ve ever Googled this, the gist is that it brings about upheaval change, contemplation and can completely shift your life path. We explore just what this astro event is, what you need to know, and how you can navigate through it. 

What exactly is a Saturn Return?

As mentioned before, Saturn returns to the same place on the natal chart on your date of birth. It returns between the ages of 27 and 29.5 – and can be the reason why the Big 30 feels like such a milestone. Think of it as a sign coming home and full circle, and that’s why it can trigger so much change in your life. Our resident astro expert Adama Sesay, founder of Lilith Astrology explains, “Your Saturn return is a major astrological time for growth and learning. This occurs on average three times in a person’s life, every 29.5 years.” She continues, “The first one is your astrological coming of age. In Astrology, you are not considered an adult yet until you go through this time!”


The late twenties are a time of reckoning for anyone, you’re figuring your life one step at a time,  like building a life with a partner, having kids, or even pursuing a different career path. 


According to Tarot.com, “Saturn is the Cosmic Taskmaster – the demanding teacher who presents you with obstacles and challenges so you can gain strength and wisdom. Saturn’s position in your Astrology birth chart reveals your major life lessons, as well as the fears you have to overcome to achieve success.”


While there is undeniable pressure to have it all together by 30, we live in a very different world now. The things we want to attain, might not be possible but we’re trying our best. 


Adama explains, “Saturn removes what is not working or will make a situation more challenging in order to encourage you to change it. To avoid this pressure, making necessary changes to align with who you truly are is key.”



What can happen through this event?

The challenging part is that a lot can occur in your Saturn Return. It can be a traumatic time for many with shifts in romantic relationships and dealing with abrupt change in all forms. Saturn will remove what no longer serves you, whether you’re ready for it or not. 

I’ve just turned 29 (Leo baby!) and who I am now at this point in my life feels significant. I personally know that what I want for myself in the future has changed. This time in my life feels new, bright, and full of possibility (even in the midst of a pandemic) 


So how do we survive our Saturn Return? Adama explains, “Stay calm, keep it real, and understand that this is a part of your growth. It will give you a feeling of peace to hold less attachment to things that fall away, and honor the space that is left for what is serving you to come in.”

All in all, this astrological event can spark change and bring about the growth you need in your life. It can be a fresh start and can open up your eyes to what you need in your space, career, and love life.


This Women’s Health article explains, “No matter how difficult it may be to take a brutally honest look at your life, you have the chance—at this astrological point—to turn things around.”


If you’re feeling overwhelmed with the transformation in your life? Support your local astrologer. As Adama shares, “ I have a Saturn return reading where I specifically address this for my clients. In general, I always advise my clients to observe their current lives.”

Adama asks important questions dealing with alignment, love, and what changes you’d like to make. 


So have I had my Saturn Return yet? 

If you’ve explored your natal chart, you can track when and where Saturn is in your life and how it’ll affect you. This year, Saturn is in Aquarius, and combined with the ongoing pandemic there has been a lot of change happening. The best way to check is either through an app or simply booking a chart reading with an astrologer who can help you. Think of this event as a much-needed spring clean and to embrace the clean slate you can start with instead of fearing it. 


Have you experienced your Saturn Return yet, Pretty Birds? Let us know in the comments below!


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