We’re Listening to Beauty Me Podcast & Here’s Why

by Alyx Carolus



It’s no secret that podcasts are experiencing a golden age, right now. Technology has evolved to the point that we all can carry our lives on-the-go. You can pay your bills, listen to your preferred entertainment and answer emails all while doing other tasks. But like most forms of media, it can be hard to find diverse and inclusive podcasts with a focus on providing knowledge or entertainment that is useful for all. 

Our very own All the Pretty Birds contributor Charisse Kenion started her own podcast called Beauty Me, about all things beauty. She has a passion for all things beauty related, from green beauty products to women who are paving the way for the industry. 

With over a decade working in the beauty industry, she’s been around pots and potions for a minute. The knowledge she has from working in publishing, building relationships with different brands and meeting new and innovative people along the way is invaluable. 

We sat down to chat with Charisse about her podcast, Beauty Me, and why we should tune in. 

All The Pretty Birds: With over a decade in the industry, why did you decide to create your own podcast?

Charisse Kenion: A couple of years ago, people started saying to me “You should have a podcast!” But at first, I really didn’t think I could do it – I didn’t like the sound of my own voice so I kept putting it off.  Finally, I decided to pursue it and see how I could fit it into my schedule [Charisse is also a photographer and runs her own business]. So I just went for it and started off with just a microphone and recording on my own. Then I realized I needed to find a producer that could help me do this properly. Once the first podcast went up and I got feedback straight away I thought, “Well, maybe I should carry on?” I got some feedback from people who I really admire in the industry. The whole process was about two years in the making and I’ve done about seven episodes so far. 



ATPB: What podcasts were you listening to before this? Most people usually start off with true crime. 

CK: Yes! Serial, Atlanta Monster and I started listening to Dirty John. And all of this late at night, when I definitely shouldn’t be listening to the stories about serial killers. I also enjoyed listening to more motivational podcasts, but my all time favorite is Design Matters with Debbie Millman. She just interviews the most interesting people, along with How I Built This, they both show how things are doable. Your goals are attainable if you break it down, showing the small steps. And of course, for beauty I have to mention Brooke DeVard’s Naked Beauty podcast. She has a variety of guests from different backgrounds and is really inclusive in her work.  

ATPB: What can your listeners look forward to in the future with Beauty Me?

CK: What I’m trying to do is give people information, education and entertainment from people that might look like them or come from the same background. I’m not trying to be something for everybody and I’m not trying to emulate anyone else in this industry. It’s about honest beauty.  Yes, we’ll chat about your favorite lip gloss, but I really want to know when you realized that beauty was something that you could be measured on. For example, I want to talk to women who live with serious acne and how they combat living in a world laser-focused on looks and a certain type of beauty. It’s just me adding another layer to what I do. I photograph beauty, I write about beauty so why not talk about it? 

ATPB: What advice would you give to beauty writers starting out? 

Charisse Kenion: Have a passion for beauty and a passion for using spell-check. Make sure you do your research! Read skincare books, beauty books and stay ahead of what people are talking about. 

ATPB: What’s one lesson you’ve learned from 2019? 

Charisse Kenion: The lesson I’ve learned is that sometimes you have to pay the best people to get the job done. And I also wish I had done it earlier, it’s so easy to overthink to the point that you just waste time. Sometimes you just have to go ahead and do it. 

What podcasts are you listening right now, pretty birds? We’d love to hear about it! Listen to Beauty Me podcast on Apple Podcasts.

Images: Charisse Kenion


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