Well Look At That, It’s Coat Time

by Tamu McPherson


Well Look At That, It’s Coat Time by Tamu McPherson

To use a comment that my friend Merlette of Merlette by Maryam left on my Instagram story this morning, “Who does Autumn think she is, coming and shocking our systems like that”? I have been complaining all day on Stories because Autumn is here full blast and she didn’t even have the courtesy to ease her way in over a lazy weekend where I could have prepared my bones for her chilly temperatures in a cozy chunky knit roll-neck sweater and a pair of wool culottes. No, she showed up today at 48° without a care in the world to my complete misery. I mean you should have seen the layers that I piled on today, you would have thought that it was early winter, and that I still live on the Upper West Side where there is no protection from the winds that blow over the Hudson River. But this is obviously a first world issue. As I write this post to accompany these images of me in one of my favorite Marella coats of the season, I think about the devastation that the people of Haiti, Cuba and those living along the US coastline from Florida to North Carolina have suffered in the wake of Hurricane Matthew. I take my complaining back and appreciate the fact that I can wear this pretty coat around the center of Milan, and when I’m finished strolling, I can return to my apartment where I can take it off and slip into a favorite sweater or blanket shawl. It’s Autumn, it’s chilly outside and I am blessed to have warm coats and a roof over my head.

This post was brought to you as part of my ongoing outfit-of-the-week collaboration with Marella.

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Outfit details: T-shirt by & Other Stories, Jeans by Alexander Wang, Shoes by Chanel, DIY ribbon choker.

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