Wedding Trends To Watch For In 2016

by Roki Prunali


Wedding Trends To Watch For In 2016 by Roki Prunali

Hey Pretty Birds,

With spring, comes wedding season and with the wedding season comes new trends each year. We already went over bridesmaids dresses, but I wanted to get into the nitty gritty of actually planning a wedding. I honestly admit I couldn’t have done it without the help of my wedding planner Eva Trevisan from Design Anarchy. You know when you just have that feeling of knowing someone all your life and you just met them? Eva and I were definitely on the same wavelength for all aspects wedding and even personal life. So, I thought that for this wedding season, I would ask Eva’s expertise on the trends on destination weddings in Italy for 2016.

What are the trends for locations in 2016?
The latest trend is moving to the region of Apulia for destination weddings where the presence of big Masserias can guarantee the lay out for bigger size events. The general trend for locations though is given by the atmosphere which one can breath inside, the attention to interiors, the design, its position and of course the size of the spaces. I wouldn’t say that there is a trend for locations specifically therefore, but rather a trend for regions. A few years ago it was Tuscany, now we are moving towards Apulia, as well as the city of Venice, which has gained back its old charm.

What was the most special location you have ever planned for a wedding?
Even though it was a very small wedding (40 guests) the special location was the island of Panarea, Aeolian Islands. The logistics was a nightmare but the atmosphere was magical. I also have in my heart a wedding done at il Borro, Ferragamo properties. It was an Indian wedding full of colors in such a classic country side property, the mix match was perfect. Another special location with stunning views is La Cervara in Portofino.

Why is Italy such a desirable destination for weddings?
We think that no other country offers such an historical background, quality of the food, panoramic views, the color of the historical buildings, the history, the scents of the plants, the clichés that the international tourists are looking for when they arrive in our country.

I’ve seen many alternatives for bridal dresses. I have even seen a pant suit. What can we expect to see this year?
I think this year or maybe next year the trends will move towards a “Spanish” looking bride, with sombrero hats as captured by Serafina Castillo.

Wedding-Trends-2016-1 Wedding-Trends-2016-2

What are the colors brides are opting for in 2016?
The basic color is always in fashion: white, ivory, butter. The latest trends are using blush colors or pale pink for a more romantic bride. I think that in the Middle East the trends will remain towards a rich dress (pale pink, blush, or nude) with long skirts and fully embroidered dresses. In Europe the trends are moving from a classical lace dress to a rather natural bride using linen fabrics and the colors of nature (beige, olive, nude).


Do you think that the bride of 2016 is less traditional? Why?
No I think the 2016 bride is always traditional. A bride might change the way of dressing up or choosing the colors versus a white dress but the special occasion will always be a moment to wear something special, very special, not worn before. She has to be in the spot light either wearing a suit or a colorful dress.

Anything else we can expect in 2016?
I think that the “vintage” bride look is passing in favor of a rather detailed and elegant bride.

Hope we helped you Pretty Birds getting married in 2016. Let us know what you are planning for your wedding this year.

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