#WCW: Rebecca Osei-Baidoo

by Anja Tyson

I first met Rebecca Osei-Baidoo during her time with the revolutionary London specialty store, Browns. Aside from her striking beauty, she is one of the most genuine, hardworking, and absolute funniest women I have ever met, and though an ocean divides us, following her obsessions (new and old) on Instagram keeps me in love with her always.
After speaking this weekend at the GTBank Fashion Weekend in Lagos alongside some of our other favorite friends (hello to Vanessa Kingori and Shiona Turini), Rebecca took a few minutes to share her world with All the Pretty Birds. Behold: your newest girlcrush:


Currently residing in 


What do you do for a living?
I’m a buyer for designer womenswear for the store Tsum, in Moscow. I buy ready-to-wear, bags, shoes, fine and costume jewelry.

Tell us a little about your background.
I’m half French and half Ghanaian, and I mostly grew up in London (where my parents met), but we also lived in Accra, and I lived in Paris for a bit whilst I was studying for my business degree.

How did you find your way into the fashion industry?
I’ve been into fashion since I was very little. My mother loves to tell the story of when she took me to buy my first pair of shoes, aged 3. I refused to settle for anything other than these pink shoes that were sold out in my size, which meant she spent the whole day going around London trying to find my size.
I think going to a French school in London and an American school in Ghana, both with very international student bodies and no uniforms, meant that I really got to express myself with clothes. After Secondary school, during my business degree, I started interning at various fashion companies, because, quite frankly, my studies were boring the life out of me.
I also got a week end job at Chloe inside Selfridges, and this was during the Phoebe Philo years (MY FAVOURITE), and this basically fueled my passion for luxury product. I got to know the Selfridges buying team, and when a job came up, I remember Lisa Basma (the buying manager at the time) told me to apply, and the rest, as they say, is history!!! Haven’t looked back since!!

What has been one of your favorite experiences of your career so far?
There have been SO many, but one that stands out was having Drake launch his first OVO collection at our Browns Focus store. People queued from 11 pm the night before to be sure to get a chance to get in!! It was crazy!!

What is your favorite thing about working in fashion? 
My favourite thing is getting to discover a designer’s vision and bringing that vision to the consumer – that is the most satisfying and rewarding part of my job.

We met in the early years of your work with Browns! What has it been like to move from such an iconic British retailer to Tsum, the best store in Russia?
We did, we met when I first started at Browns and you were at Opening Ceremony! Feels like AGES ago.
Working for Tsum in Moscow has been really exciting because it’s a new market for me, and therefore a completely new customer, and I get to find out things such as customer preferences and habits, and that’s really interesting. I’m still based in London and commute regularly to Moscow.

You see a LOT of collections each season. Is there anything you are obsessing over for SS18?
I’m into anything Phoebe Philo does. I have been since she started with Stella McCartney in ’97. So for SS18 it’s going to have to be the Celine jeans with the turns ups and the pants with the separate waist belt. They will slot nicely into my extensive Phoebe archive (will soon have to move flats as it’s literally taking over). I also always buy an Adam Selman piece, because that’s my guy and I love what he does. Same for Ashish, I love him and what he stands for, and his collections always make me smile.

Do you have any wardrobe heroes? Mainstays in your closet that you’ll never get rid of?
The aforementioned archive.☺ My denim collection and all my shoes… too embarrassed to say how many.

You travel more than most – what is your favorite place on Earth that you’ve visited? And where are you dying to go that you haven’t been yet?

I’ve been travelling since I was a baby, as my family is literally scattered around the globe. I can’t really choose, but Fiji was probably one of my favourites. Although Madagascar, Costa Rica, Jamaica, Barbados, Brazil, Bali, Hawaii, Cape Verde, Mexico, India and Sri Lanka were all amazing trips too. Ghana and the Medoc region in France are very dear to my heart for obvious reasons.

Please explain how your hair and skin stay so flawless through all these travels? What does your beauty routine look like?
I wish they did!! I always drink a LOT of water, and I try to eat clean, meaning green foods as much and as often as possible. I hardly drink any alcohol because I’m a lightweight, and I practice yoga and do HIIT whenever I can. I use mostly French pharmacy brands on my skin with a minimum of fuss, and I also generally don’t wear makeup. Unless I’m going to a fancy event! On my hair, I use a lot of Vernon Francois products, because he is the best.

Favorite restaurant in the world?
Bice in Milan. I’ve been going there for the last six years, and it’s like going to see old friends every time. If I could eat there every day, I would. Pasta like you’ve never had before.

Your dream dinner date, living or dead?

Ricky Gervais, because he would have me in stitches!!! 

Top 3 songs in the soundtrack of your life?
All Along the Watchtower, Jimi Hendrix 

Could You Be Loved, Bob Marley 

If I Ruled the World, Nas ft Lauryn Hill

When will I see you next??
Next year, so in a few months! February! 

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