Victor Glemaud’s Resort 2020 Collection

by Grace Davin


Navigating the current geo-political atmosphere is not for the weak of heart. A series of terrifying realities knock on our doorstep with exhausting persistence… and even closer for some. Abortion bans. Another mass shooting. It’s never easy to read the news. As long as we have to show up, we might as well do it in style, adorning ourselves with positivity and courage.

Resort 2020 Collection 

Victor Glemaud’s Resort 2020 Collection took inspiration from one of fashion’s most important heroines: Grace Jones. The eponymous collection consists of strong elements working together to shape an imagined identity of a young emerging artist immersed in current global issues. What better way to face daily moments than with bold colors as well as bringing out your inner beast with graphic and animal prints?

“While designing this collection, I was thinking about the challenges girls of all ages are facing in these times all over the world. With social media, the opportunity to find their community exists for some, BUT I’m talking day-to-day challenges on the subway, on the street or in elevators, which are still very real. Women endure a lot and if their skin color looks sort of similar to mine, the challenges are even greater. This is something that I’ve been talking to my sister and great girlfriends about quite often recently.” 
– Victor Glemaud

Resort Style Details

Yellow, green, red, black, and robin’s egg blue will highlight your personal strength and style. The graphic diamond-shapes and horizontal and vertical stripes will accentuate your frame, making you seem grander than you already are. Animal patterns – do I even need to say it? Fierce. Leopard, tiger, and zebra patterns will come to your aid.

The silhouettes include cropped cardigans and sleeveless tops, turtlenecks and mock necks, pleated skirts, as well as extremely short skirt hemlines, plus a peacoat to cuddle you through the chilling colder months. Cotton, cashmere, and merino wool knitwear provide soft texture and flair with jacquard and PK stitch work. ‘Grace’ is also accessorized to perfection with black and white animal printed headbands, as inspired by Pat McGrath (#Mother), and white tassel loafers.
Here are some of our other favorite looks. Check the rest of them on his website.

This collection is currently available at, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, ShopBop, Saks Fifth Avenue, and

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