Understanding Your Life Path Through Astrology

by Adama Sesay

life path through astrology


Astrology has many valuable life lessons and insights to offer, and one of its most critical functions is understanding our life’s purpose.  Learning to identify your life path can be daunting without the help of a professional as many of the messages and interpretations can make us more confused than we were when we started. But, once understanding is found, astrology offers a whole range of transits to look into, and it can also give you a detailed breakdown of why you are here, where you need to be, where you are going, and what your ultimate purpose is above all. 


Understanding Your Life Path Through Astrology

When interpreting an astrological chart, past life karma must be taken into consideration to establish what the current life path will be. In most cases, our life path is due to the actions and decisions we made in our previous life and the karma we carry with us. The challenges and hiccups you face in your personal development are directly linked to your karma, which is why some of us have it easier, and some have it harder. 


Some people confuse career for their life path. They are separate, and you can have a job, and also a life path that is unique and separate from what your profession is. For example, you could be an accountant all of your life. Still, perhaps your life path purpose is to work hard  and eventually donate a massive amount to a charity organization, which will ultimately lead to that person changing hundreds of lives. Your career can also lead you to the purpose of your life path. To help you better understand, here are some ways that you can determine your life path with astrology.



The Sun – The Sun is vital when decoding one’s life purpose as it determines who you are “meant to be” in this lifetime. The effect of the Sun should not be taken lightly, as this indicates your ego at its core and what strengths you are meant to possess. It will indicate our automatic responses to any  circumstances and challenges on the path. 


Saturn – Ruling the hard-working sign of Capricorn, Saturn is what brings meaning and structure to your life, and along with the 10th house, it is a good indicator of what your career will be. It indicates what you take seriously, how you will spend most of your time, and what you are meant to develop in terms of a profession. It also explains what you need to do to eventually grow and succeed, and shows your limitations and what you need to push through. 


Jupiter – Where your Jupiter is placed shows where positivity and growth can occur for you in your life. An optimistic planet whose energy is concerned with expansion through higher-learning and experience; the area of life where it exists for you is where you can experience abundance. This is an area where you can contribute positively to the betterment of mankind.



Eris – Eris is an asteroid and divine feminine archetype that represents what cause you will fight for, and for what you will not back down. Eris has a similar energy to Mars; however, Mars indicates how you act and push through, Eris indicates the more meaningful causes you live for. Passionate about environmental situations such as plastic in the ocean? Eris is what drives you to make the change, and maybe do a beach clean-up or organize a fundraiser. If Eris is near or in aspect to your Sun, you will act on what you believe in, and pursue it with reckless abandon. This is the area in your life where you need to learn to develop your voice, as this will indicate what you will stand up and fight for. 


Astrological Points

North and South Node: Indicator of your personal karma.

The South Node represents your past life, and what you already know, as you have been this before. The skills you instinctively know are indicated here. The North Node shows the qualities and skills that you must strengthen and what you need to learn and develop. The North Node is the most potent and essential life path indicator, as it shows you what you need to focus on the most to accomplish your purpose. Without developing the qualities designated by your North Node, you do not produce the conditions that you need to fulfill the ultimate goal of your Midheaven; your career, status and life goal. 


Part of Fortune: The area in our life where we can find true happiness.

This is where you find your pot of gold. It indicates your hidden talents and treasures and what your future will become. Developing these hidden talents is vital for your ultimate growth. It has an essential effect on your financial luck, and will indicate where in life you will be “lucky.” The Part of Fortune points toward the evolution of your soul and not your ego, and it shows what attracts and draws you, without you even being consciously aware of it. The house that this is located in is the area where you will experience significant growth and luck in your life. 


10th house (Midheaven or Medium Coeli): What you will achieve in your lifetime.

What you will aspire toward and your public achievements in displayed here. This is the legacy you will create, and this is what you will work towards throughout most of your life. The Midheaven is a midpoint that can be used to indicate a significant part of your life purpose, along with the North Node. The North Node will show you which qualities you need to develop to reach the goal and destiny outlined for you by your Midheaven. The Midheaven marks the 10th house, which will indicate the career you will pursue.  


Vertex: Life Purpose Indicator

This aspect is more critical when dealing with synastry; however, it is valuable in your life purpose. Whenever another person’s personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, Mercury) conjunct your Vertex, it is an indicator of an interaction that is destined by the stars. Meeting with these people is essential for your evolution on your life path, as they will teach you things you need to know or take you where you need to be. When these Vertex involved meetings occur, it indicates a significant turning point in your life. The Vertex also plays a vital role in transit astrology, and transit planets in conjunction with your natal Vertex signify noteworthy periods.


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