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Two Sports Bras for Cardio and Mobility Training

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posted on Tuesday July 12th 2016

Two Sports Bras for Cardio and Mobility Training by Tamu McPherson

For this week’s fitness moment, I go where I have never gone before: I took my shirt off for you Pretty Birds to talk about just how important it is to wear the right sports bra while working out. I mean it is support we are talking about here ladies. You know, comfort and freedom of movement while you run, walk, jump, box, stretch, practice yoga or pilates. So now you’ll understand why I went “topless” to show you these two bras from this season’s Nike Pro Bra Collection. Follow me through this week’s exercises to see how they hold up (if that reads as a pun, I totally meant it.)

For the first group of exercises I wore a bra designed for mobility and stretching and demonstrated the following three yoga poses.

1. Warrior 3 Pose- 8 times
2. Downward Dog One Leg and Plank- 8 times
3. Warrior 1 Pose- 8 times


For the second group of exercises I used a bra designed for strength and cardio training. Here are the exercises that I focused on:

1. Lunge and Jump- 40 seconds each side
2. Highlander- 40 seconds
3. Squat and Rotation- 40 seconds


Both bras performed well during the different movements. The best way to see if they work for you is to try them out for yourselves. Give them a whirl and let me know if they work for you.

Hope you enjoy!


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