#7, with Vintage Enthusiast J.J. Martin, Part II - All The Pretty Birds


#7, with Vintage Enthusiast J.J. Martin, Part II

Tamu's TV | TAMU'S CAFE 

posted on Friday June 7th 2013

Hey Gnammy Birds! Here is Part II of the total yumminess that  is Tamu’s Cafe #7 with special guest J.J. Martin. In this episode we step into the kitchen for some cooking magic. Please enjoy!! We sure did!

Cafe Specials   
Food Suggested by Gnam Box 
– Water infused with fresh mint and cucumber slices
– Spelt with pesto and caramelized tomatoes
– Sauteed pears toped with melted dark chocolate and served over a  biscuit 

Franciacorta- Ca’ del Bosco, Cuvée Prestige

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