#7, with Vintage Enthusiast J.J. Martin, Part I - All The Pretty Birds


#7, with Vintage Enthusiast J.J. Martin, Part I

Tamu's TV | TAMU'S CAFE 

posted on Thursday June 6th 2013

Hey Gnammy Birds! Here is the total yumminess that we promised you yesterday. In this two-part installment of Tamu’s Cafe, we spend the evening with the brilliant Milan based journalist J.J. Martin as she takes us to Cavalli & Nastri, her favorite Milanese vintage boutique, and cooks an amazing dinner with us. Stay tuned for the second part, cause we’re cooking up something yum!

In the video J.J. wears a vintage YSL two piece culotte/bolero suit and Brian Atwood sandals. I wear 1) Tibi trousers, a Theory 38 sweat top, Celine skate shoes and a Anve Milano necklace; and 2) Gap stretch top, Celine culottes and Manolo Blahnik silver pumps.
While at Cavalli & Nastri, we try on looks by Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancetti and Pierre Cardin.
And appropriately, J.J. takes us for a ride in her adorable cherry red vintage fiat 500! Bella!
Hope you enjoy our afternoon of shopping!
Tamu, Ricky, Ste and J.J.

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