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Black Mama Studio, I Love to Dance!

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posted on Wednesday January 9th 2013

All my life I can remember bouncing to one genre of music or another: roots & culture, dance hall, pop, rock, house, acid, jungle, hip hop, indie. And even if I was never a particularly good dancer, I always had a Good Time. In fact, one night after dancing at a club in NYC, my roommate confessed with a sort of amazement in her voice that she thought I was a pretty bad dancer. Shocked and deflated, I asked her why she hadn’t pointed this out while we were on the dance floor. She responded…
… that I “looked like I was having the time of my life” so she “didn’t have the heart” to tell me. (ROTF) Her comment about my dancing didn’t sting as bad as the time she told me that I had chicken arms, so I let it slide and I’m still dancing today. I sometimes even dance while walking down the street. Hey, I know when I’m doing it, so no cray-cray here (maybe just a little, but that’s another story).

So what’s up with the video and my chattiness this morning? I have an announcement! I’m thrilled to tell you that my friend Gaia Venuti, the brilliant mind behind my favorite Milanese beauty concept store Bahama Mama, has opened up a dance studio called Black Mama!!! For me, 2013 is about indulging in all of the things I truly love. Therefore, I’ll be spending many a free evening there, studying Hip Hop and Tap routines, how to move gracefully in high heels, and how to be the best drag queen and diva possible. I love it!

Gaia and her extraordinary Artistic Director Cinzia Ceglie have selected the best instructors in Italy. As always, the space is absolutely incredible, the atmosphere is 1940’s theater and the decor,Chippendale. It’s the perfect ambiance for getting into the groove.

Here is a video of my first hip hop lesson with professional dancer and choreographer David Bellay. As you’ll see in the video, my goal is to eventually nail a Beyonce dance routine. I’m a really long way off from that, but I’m going to have a hell of a Good Time getting there.

What passions are you pursuing in 2013? If you’re ever in Milan, please join me for a lesson!!!

Video by Andrea Barosi
Production by Annina Piana
Special thanks to Black Mama Studio.

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