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6 Workouts to Extend Your Range

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posted on Tuesday August 9th 2016

6 Workouts to Extend Your Range from by Tamu McPherson

In honor of the olympic gymnastic competitions taking place as we speak in Rio, I filmed a NTC workout that focuses on improving your range of movement, and that also helps you to develop more fluid control in all your physical activities.

Here’s the breakdown of my Golden Train Tuesday workout! Enjoy!

1. World’s Greatest Stretch- 8 Times Each Side, Alternating Sides
2. Crab Reaches- 10 Times Each Side, Alternating Sides
3. Lateral Hip Openers- 10 Times Each Side, Alternating Sides
4. Dynamic Runner Lunges-  8 Times Each Side, Alternating Sides
5. Bird Dog- 8 Times Each Side, Alternating Sides
6. Walkouts to Press Up-  8 Times Each Side, Alternating Sides

Find this workout and similar ones on the Nike NTC App.

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