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6 Workouts for Runner’s Strength and Balance

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posted on Tuesday February 16th 2016

Hey there fellow runners, or those of you who are interested in starting to run,

I’ve got a new fitness pill for you. I know that in my own running journey, strength and balance training have been essential in helping me power through a race. It’s an element of fitness that allows you to access it when you’re exhausted and losing the calm that helps you to stay focused and endure to the finish line. In fact, I have vivid memories of moments where I was so tired during a run, in desperate need of a boost and my ability to mentally look back at a tough workout and tap into the strength that I was developing during that particular session. It’s a level of training that is absolutely empowering. So take a look at this new video and get ready to run your heart out!!

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Accessories: Medicine Ball

1. Backward Lunge to Overhead Reach with Medicine Ball – 1 Minute (30 Seconds each side)
2. Alternating Mountain Climbers – 50 Seconds
3. Forearm Side Planks – 1 Minute (30 Seconds Each Side)
4. Clamshells – 1 Minute Each Side
5. Reverse Clamshells – 1 Minute Each Side
6. Single Leg Balance Reach – 1 Minute (30 Seconds Each Side)

1 Minute Recovery for Beginners, for intermediate try to decrease recovery time.
3 sets of all workouts

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