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6 Workouts for Power Legs

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posted on Tuesday January 19th 2016

Hey There Pretty Birds,
Milan Men’s Fashion Week wrapped up today. And while I usually keep up my fitness routine during the shows, I took a little break this weekend. I thought it was a good idea to sleep in a little later every morning, but by last night I was restless and a bit stir-crazy from riding in the car all day from show to show. I get somewhat of a work out while I shoot street style, but it’s definitely not the same as hitting the gym. So I am so thrilled to get back to business tomorrow with an intense workout. In the meantime, I want to share my latest fitness video with you. This time I focus on achieving powerful legs. The kind of gorgeous gams that will look amazing in these No.21 flats. Hey, when your legs are strong and toned, they look perfect no matter the height of the heel. Now birds, let’s get leggy with it!

Also, please join me on January 27th, during Nike Women’s Week in Milan, for an athletic core movement workout. I would love to meet you! Details below.


Stay tuned for more episodes, check out these and similar arm exercises on the NTC APP, and get ready for some serious fitness!

Also visit http://gonike.me/comm_traintuesday to get in on the “Train Tuesday” fun!

Follow the flow here: #betterforit #traintuesday #workinprogress.

Accessories: Step or Box

1. Scissor Jumps – 1 Minute
2. Single Leg Hops – 1 Minute (30 seconds each side)
3. 180° Box Jumps to Transverse Lunge – 1 Minute (30 seconds each side)
4. Ski Jumps – 1 Minute
5. Step Back Lunge to Box Blast – 1 Minute
6. Box Shuffle – 30 Seconds

1 Minute Recovery for Beginners, for intermediate try to decrease recovery time.

3 sets of all workouts

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