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6 Workouts for A Better Butt

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posted on Tuesday January 12th 2016

6 Workouts for A Better Butt by Tamu McPherson

Ever stare at the butt of your favorite fitness or style icon and basically drool? I’m not ashamed to confess that I do. Eh hem, have you checked out Ms. Hannah Bronfman’S, soon-to-be-Mrs. Fallis, instagram feed? I am obsessed with her.

At first I thought it was the way that my body inspirations posed, you know, just angling their perfect assets the right way. So I swayed my bootay, this way and that way in an effort to discover my most flattering angle. But after countless experiences trying at home in front of my bathroom mirror, a bit deflated (wink), I decided that in addition to generous DNA, it’s all about the package: toned, lean and strong glutes. So, let’s get to lunging in my latest workout video. And here’s to not having to adjust our bikinis every 45 seconds this Summer! There will be no need to cover up our happy and firm buns.

Stay tuned for more episodes, check out these and similar arm exercises on the NTC APP, and get ready for some serious fitness!

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Featured in the video:

Accessories: Hand Weights and Medicine Ball

1. Wide Leg Deadlifts- 1 Minute

2. Alternating Step Back Lunge- 1 Minute

3. Pulse Lunges – 1 Minute (Alternating 6 Pulses per Leg)

4. Split Jumps – 1 Minute

5. Hip Lifts – 1 Minute

6. Side Lunge With Rotation – 1 Minute (30 Seconds each side)

1 Minute Recovery for Beginners, for intermediate try to decrease recovery time. 3 sets of workouts 2 through 5

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