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6 Run Ready Yoga Workouts

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posted on Tuesday July 5th 2016

6 Run Ready Yoga Workouts by Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,

How do you cool down after a nice run? If you’re like me and need to amp up your stretching game, why not incorporate these yoga moves into your workout? Doing so can help you increase mobility for all of your physical activities; help stretch your muscles and encourage their post-run recovery; help you to recenter yourself; and last but not least, help you to deliciously revel in your endorphin-induced runner’s high – yesssss! I don’t know about you but this totally feels like my kind of post run cool down.

In this video I tried out the new Lunar Epic Running Shoes. Performance driven, this new model allows more mobility for your feet while offering additional support and stability for your soles. Find out more about them on social media: #nikelunar #flyknit @nikerunning

And here’s the break down of the Run Ready Yoga cool down:

1. Downward Dog and Calf Stretch- 1 Minute
2. Upward Facing Dog- 1 Minute
3. Triangle Forward Bend- 1 Minute
4. Hip Lift and Leg Stretch- 1 Minute
5. Cow Face Pose- 1 Minute
6. Child’s Pose- 1 Minute




    I usually walk to cool down after a run to slow down my heart rate. But I still find myself sore some mornings. I’ll definitely give these moves a try after my next run. Thanks for the tips!


      Tamu McPherson


      Hey Kristie,
      Walking after a run is a great cool down to slow down your heart rate. I would continue to do so and add the yoga moves to mix. This way your body has a more complete/thorough experience. xo, Tamu

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