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6 Great Workouts for Beach Balance

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posted on Tuesday June 14th 2016

6 Great Workouts for Beach Balance By Tamu McPherson

Hey There Pretty Birds,

With temperatures starting to heat up, it’s finally time to head to the beach and get into water. If you’re like us and really want to learn how to paddle board, properly row a canoe or finally stay vertical on a surf board, then these six core-focused exercises will get your body balance ready.

Here’s the breakdown of the workout:

Accessories: Dumbbells and Resistance Band

1) Resistance Band Body Saw – 1 Minute
2) Bridge Leg Chops – 30 Seconds per Leg
3) Dumbbell Sit Up to Press – 1 Minute
4) Single Leg Swivels – 1 Minute per Side
5) Spider Planks – 50 Seconds
6) Modified Side Bridge Abduction – 30 Seconds per Side

1 Minute Recovery for Beginners, for intermediate try to decrease recovery time.
3 sets of all workouts

Stay tuned for more episodes, check out these and similar balance exercises on the NTC APP, and get ready for some fitness in the sun!

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