Top Online Courses For Every Personality Type

by Alyx Carolus



Set those intentions for the New Year yet? Well, there’s always time to start a new hobby or pick up the books again. Online courses are a fun way to engage with learning at your own pace while filling a much-needed gap for those who can’t attend school full-time, due to time or financial constraints. The allure of online courses is that you can learn from the best of the best without leaving your couch. 

And, while we live in an economy where upskilling is both encouraged and somewhat expected, but you don’t need to study something that applies to your career. Studying massive open online courses (MOOC) is a good way to explore a new hobby, like interior design, photography or learning about complex subjects that pertain to your interests.


Top Online Courses for 2020

Now that we’ve got your interest, where do you start? There are a few online course platforms that provide quality education for all levels. If you’d like to try to pursue a hobby you’ve always loved or just boost your skill-set by getting a certificate in your industry, there’s something for everyone. Some of the course providers offer free courses and some platforms offer financial aid for those who qualify, helping to bridge the gap and make education a little more accessible. 

Here are four of our favorite online courses. Happy learning! 


For the Personal Development Enthusiast 

Head over to Coursera, an online learning platform founded by two Stanford professors Daphne Koller and Andrew Ng, for those curious to better themselves and delve into the world of self-development. Eager students can choose to explore the world of personal health, learn a new language or even tap into effective communication, negotiation and mediation. A short course on productivity and time management is helpful in every aspect of life, from professional to personal. Maybe 2020 is the year we drop procrastination? (I’m talking to myself here.)  

Some courses that might interest you: 

Influencing People (University of Michigan)

Personality Types at Work (Florida University) 

The Science of Well-Being (Yale)


For the Avid Political Analyst or History Nerd 

Whether you’re scrolling down a timeline or just watching the news, the state of global politics impacts our lives, our future and our mental health. But if you’d like to understand ongoing world conflicts and why they started in the first place, there are short courses that provide a basic introduction to politics. And if you’re already pretty knowledgeable, why not expand your knowledge about other countries, foreign policy and the impact of international political organisations. Keen to get started? Check out Udemy, an online learning platform that offers over 100,000 courses. 

Check out these comprehensive courses: 

Comparative Politics and Global Issues (Udemy)

Learn US Politics with Film (Udemy) 

Introduction to Ancient Egypt and Civilization (University of Pennsylvania)


For the Aspiring Creative 

The term “creative” isn’t limited to particular industries or professions, and in this economy chances you’ve already turned a hobby into a side-gig. However, we can all just explore new avenues of creating to challenge our own limits. So you’re an avid film buff but don’t know terminology and never attended a film class? There’s a course for that. Have you tried to learn Photoshop but simply can’t get the hang of it? You can visit Alison, a free online education platform founded in Ireland. The platform has over 13 million learners in over 190 countries and offers around 1000 high quality courses. 

Visit these online courses on Alison: 

Advanced Digital Photography

Graphic Design

Media Studies: Entertainment and Broadcast Media


For the Tech-Savvy 

Tech development is an ever-changing and expanding industry that offers a wide range of opportunities. Whether you’d like to learn about app development or delve into coding, there are plenty of spaces to learn from including Skillshare, a subscription based learning platform.  Skillshare differs from other platforms, as students get lectures in video format and learn through interaction with the rest of the class. 

Some Skillshare sections to visit: 

UI/UX Design

Web Development



Have you thought about doing an online course? Or have you already done one? Let us know below. We love hearing from you!


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