From Vibrant Colors to Sultry Scoop Necks: Here’s Our Top 20 Looks From Bridgerton

by Team ATPB

If 2020 offered us a ‘cherry on top’ it certainly came on Christmas Day with the launch of Shonda Rhimes latest masterpiece; Bridgerton on Netflix. The series adapted from New York Times bestselling author, Julia Quinn‘s first Bridgerton novel: “The Duke and I”, gave us all the lavished living, and vicarious loving needed to survive the final weeks of (well, you know). Orchestrated by Costumer Designer, Ellen Mirojnick, 7,500 bespoke pieces were curated to bring the period piece to life. Whether you are more interested in the “haute couture” or the “haute and heavy” love scenes, The Flock at All the Pretty Birds hopes you can appreciate this series as much as we do. For fashion-enthusiasts, we’ve rounded up our favorite snapshots; from vibrant colors to sultry scoop necks, these are our Top 20 Looks from Bridgerton Costume Design.


*Spoiler warning*: you are about to be dazzled by endless costume decadence throughout the production, in addition to a few insider comments on the characters themselves.


The Duke, “Simon Basset” (Regé-Jean Page)

Is it fair to start out with the most delectable character? Our Duke, Simon Basset sports back-to-back crisp velvet jackets that make it oh, so hard to peel our eyes away. Often donning his colorful sets with a statement brooch, ascot, and statement-making paisley vests, we find ourselves wrapped up in each and every detail – down to the covered buttons which are just begging to be fastened (or unfastened?)

 No.1 – Episode 1 (00:22:17)

No.2 – Episode 3 (00:50:38)

No.3 – Episode 5 (00:34:00)

The Auntie We All Needed, “Lady Danbury” (Adjoa Andoh)

Lady Danbury served looks throughout the season, from day dressing to kill, to evening wear opulence; we are obsessed with her signature style. Let’s take a moment to praise the accessories? Lady Danbury emulates boss energy, and we’re not just saying that, because of her iconic top hat and cane ensemble.  Kicking off the series with her regal presence, from the very first episode we knew we would be in for a treat!

No.4 – Episode 1 (00:22:05)

No.5 – Episode 7 (00:19:56)


Her Royal Highness of High Fashion, “Queen Charlotte” (Golda Rosheuvel)

If anyone truly stole the show in the category of luxury looks, it was none other than Queen Charlotte. Adorned in immaculate hairstyles albeit locks or curls, Her Royal Highness redefined the regent aesthetic of today’s period television. The Flock could have easily dedicated an entire article to documenting the opulence of the Queen alone, and surely none of you would be disappointed! In efforts to spread the wealth, we’re keeping it simple with these iconic wigs and our favorite ensemble.

No.6 – Episode 8 (00:52:16)

No.7 – Episode 4 (00:01:30)

No.8 – Episode 5 (00:30:06)

No.9 – Episode 5 (00:40:50)

The Season’s Incomparable, “Daphne Bridgerton” (Phoebe Dynevor)

Daphne Bridgerton’s style might be described by many as delicate and often understated, but the refined presence of her character all the more points to her promise as a Duchess. As the young lady sought after a love match, taking control of her matrimonial fate, we watched her embody the fullness of the Queen’s highest remark: “Flawless.” Our favorite looks from Daphne include the touches of sparkle that enhance her inner diamond nature.

No.10 – Episode 2 (00:35:49)

No.11 – Episode 3 (00:09:20)

No.12 – Episode 3 (00:51:07)

No.13 – Episode 5 (00:34:28)

No.14 – Episode 7 (00:30:55)

The Fairest of Ma-Ma’s, “Lady Violet Bridgerton” (Ruth Gemmell)

It’s no secret that Lady Violet Bridgerton is fond of flora and fauna. Her feminine taste is translated into understated details such as this tulle neckline adjoined at her cap sleeves. Scene-by-scene we are greeted with the essence of wisteria through elegantly embroidered gowns that are often paired with floral-inspired headpieces. Lady Bridgerton’s mature silhouettes not only highlight her elevated status amongst competing ma-ma’s but remind us of the prestige that comes with a consistent, polished look. There’s no mistaking this dignified ma-ma with the likes of her counterparts.

No.15 – Episode 6 (00:04:02)


The Print Maven Ma-Ma, “Lady Portia Featherington” (Polly Walker)

If there was a ‘Drama” superlative for ma-ma’s it surely belongs to Lady Portia Featherington. With a name as much of a mouthful to say, the head of the Featherington household has plenty more to show. Although some may find her style a bit loud, we can admire her commitment to an avant-garde closet. Daytime, evening, and nightgowns display bold prints, feathers, and embellishments to make a memorable costume assortment for Lady Portia and her daughters.

No.16 – Episode 1 (00:48:11)

No.17 – Episode 2 (00:33:53)

No.18 – Episode 6 (00:20:21)


The Sophisticated Firecracker, “Eloise Bridgerton” (Claudia Jessie)

Wrapping up our top looks, we have to finish strong with the spunky, Eloise Bridgerton. From the beginning of the series we see Eloise’s disdain for gender roles and the traditions of her society. As she reluctantly follows in Daphne’s footsteps preparing for her own presentation season, we watch Eloise mature out of her youthful curiosity into an assertive young woman. In addition to our love for her spirit, the Flock is obsessed with how that playful nature translates into a fanciful wardrobe. Throughout the show, Eloise Bridgerton’s costume design flaunts ribbons, bows, and endless floral appliques. We loved her polished pastel colors, double breasted cropped jackets, shortened hemlines, and skillful layering.

No.19 – Episode 5 (00:37:15)

No.20 – Episode 7 (00:19:03)

No.21 – Episode 7 (00:50:24)


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Leading Image via LIAM DANIEL/NETFLIX © 2020

Ascending Images via NETFLIX 

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