My Theresa Workout #2: Three Great Ab Exercises

by Tamu McPherson

Ah, the never-ending pursuit of great abs: sublimely sculpted; six to eight packs; and if your are fortunate like my friend Shiona Turini, super toned for a pretty crop-top.

Nope, that has never been me. In fact, my body type is more predisposed to having a little pooch, as my mother likes to call it, than rock hard, solid abs. And 10.5 years after PJ’s birth and the consumption of lots of fine Italian wine, there are many days when I look like I am around 5 months pregnant. At first, I would experience embarrassment whenever someone would inquire, but now, on particularly puffy days, I just preemptively shut down the bump talk with a self-deprecating, “no I’m not pregnant, it’s just my wine belly.” And yes, it could be nutrition related, but my diet doesn’t include a significant amount of dairy, and I am not gluten intolerant. It’s just plain old fat, relaxed stomach muscles related to my pregnancy (abdominal diastasis) and c-section, and as I mentioned earlier, lots of delicious Italian wine and probably a cotoletta alla Milanese or two.

That being said however, in all my years of working out, there have been vague hints of tummy definition that encourage me to believe that with consistent ab work, a sexy, toned midsection could emerge. When I think about the last ten years, I can’t help believe that if I had dedicated myself to toning up my abs sooner, that I would have a decent set by now. But luckily, it’s like the saying goes, “better late than never.” Because NOW friends, I’m completely determined to achieve my best ab life ever. What about you? Are you looking to achieve your perfect abs, or are you interested in enhancing your already enviable set? Wherever you are in your fitness, here are three great ab exercises to add to your workout routine. And remember to keep that belly button pulled in tight.

This ab workout includes:

  1. The Russian twist with medicine ball – 10 on each side, medicine ball can be between 6lbs (for beginners) and 12 pounds.
  2. Sit-up with weight plate – find the right weight for you and start with 10 reps, increase weight and reps as you get stronger. Work your way up to three to four sets of 20 repetitions for muscle growth.
  3. Alternating toe touch – 12 on each side.

This content has been made with love for your inspiration.
These exercises and reps are only suggestions.
Please go at your own pace and refer to fitness professionals when necessary.

Video by Luca Spreafico.

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