Theta Healing: A Path to Being the Best Me

by Roki Prunali

theta healing


Becoming a mother can lead you to notice all of the judgment and paranoid thoughts you cast upon yourself, and others. For me, it was the birth of my first son. I’m an introvert who is used to pushing all of my feelings down instead of confronting them, and it was then that all of my baggage and unresolved issues were brought to the surface, making for a dangerous eruption of emotions. I knew I needed help if I was going to get out of this thing called motherhood alive. Deep down, I knew the kind of mother – and really just decent human being – that I wanted to be, but my feelings, fears, and emotions were holding me back.


So to be proactive in embracing my new role, inner healing was the path I chose to take. In the past, I taught myself to hold in my feelings and put on a happy face, so any kind of traditional therapy was out of the question. Already dabbling in chakra healing, I am prone to leaning towards spiritual cleansing when I need some guidance. From past experience, inner healing has helped me uncover deep down – I mean way deep down- emotions and work through them. That is how I fell into Theta healing, it allows me to get down to the nitty gritty of why I am feeling certain emotions and fears because it is not always as clear as it seems.


Spirituality is something I have always been drawn to. Through word of mouth, I found Viola Crespi, an extremely intuitive woman. I met Viola when I was pregnant with my first son, while I was doing prenatal treatments through the Gentle Birth Method. Initially, we were doing prenatal massages, but then she revealed her new endeavor, Theta Healing. A true believer to energy healing, I did not hesitate to jump right into it.


What it ultimately came down to is that my block from being the best mom I could be was my unresolved issues with my own mother. Her innate power was evident when before our first session, she told me she stood outside of my building and read my energy. Upon starting, she asked if I had knee problems. I, fortunately, do not, but my mother suffers pain in her knees. Viola had seen much negative energy surrounding my knees, which leads back to how much of my mother’s negativity I carry around on myself. Through multiple sessions we were able to get down to the grit of it: I felt inadequate with anything I do because in my eyes nothing was ever good enough for my mother. Also, caring for my mother as if she were my own child took away my energy from my real children. I can go on forever about all the breakthroughs we came to, but today I want to talk about the process. So, I spoke to Viola for All The Pretty Birds tell us a little bit about Theta Healing.

theta healing


All The Pretty Birds: How would you describe Theta healing? 

Viola Crespi: Theta healing is a powerful technique that combines science and spirituality to identify and instantly transform deeply held blocks, negative beliefs, and trauma in the unconscious mind. Specifically, it allows us to change limiting beliefs into empowering ones for us to co-create our life exactly as we choose.  

When doing Theta Healing, the brain instantly goes into a Theta wave state. It is when in this state we are able to work directly with source energy with the aim to restore our spontaneous physical and emotional wellbeing and to allow healing to take place on all levels of our being.


ATPB: What drew you to practice Theta healing? 

 VC: I came across Theta healing through a friend and colleague of mine. She started telling me about this technique and within seconds I was hooked! I felt a strong call to know more so I took classes and explored the method! At the time I was looking to expand my practice towards a more energy-based work (coming from massage and bodywork) and I suppose my request was simply answered there and then! (The universe is amazing, when you ask it delivers!!!)


ATPB: In your healing sessions, we call upon the Creator very often to help us, can you explain who or what the Creator is.

VC: “The Creator of all that is” consists of a pure form of love with infinite intelligence that is interconnected multi-dimensionally with all things, from the smallest particle to the largest galaxy in the Universe. This creative energy, which is the source of everything that exists, comes to this Universe in its purest state and creates particles. It is in its most abundant form in its place of origin; the Seventh Plane of Existence. In this dimension, our brain is able to automatically activate the Theta brain wave and from here we can access our subconscious mind, tapping into our beliefs and emotions.


ATPB: What goes on in a Theta healing session? 

VC: Theta Healing is talking therapy. The aim is to identify which key beliefs are holding your physical or emotional issue in place. 

This is done intuitively through a process called “digging”. Through a series of questions and using a muscle testing technique, we work down through the layers of beliefs to uncover the bottom or key belief. When a bottom belief is transformed, the beliefs stacked above it will automatically change – like a house of cards – instantly freeing you from limiting patterns without the need to relive past traumas.


ATPB: What is your experience in the difference between healing emotionally and physically?

VC: There is no difference! Healing is healing! What I experienced, by working on my clients, and myself is that most of the time we manifest physical ailments as a consequence of trapped emotions or energy that we are somehow unable to shift.

I strongly believe in a “mind & body” connection, therefore one cannot go without the other. This connection works both ways: emotional experiences affect the way we behave and the physiology within our body as well as in the other direction, our perception of these emotion-triggered bodily changes also influences our consciously felt emotions. It is a knock-on effect…

For this reason, I treat the individual as a whole, taking into consideration every aspect of his being – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


ATPB: How do you take us into a Theta state to be able to tap into our inner selves? 

VC: As a practitioner, I am instantly able to tap into a Theta brain wave and by doing so, the person I am working with automatically falls into the same state like in a sort of osmosis process. Alternatively, in order to allow the client to go into the Theta state in a more conscious way, I take them through a guided meditation to the Seventh Plane of Existence, with the aim of having them visualize and connect with the energy of all that is.


ATPB: I know I am a total introvert and normally do not share what I am feeling, but with you, I can express emotions, fear, doubt even happiness. You manage to help me understand where all my feelings are coming from. What techniques do you use to help channel people’s emotions? 

VC: The technique I use is very simple and it is called Love!

When I come from a place of love and I am able to show up and hold space for my client, putting all my opinions, my ego and all my personal stuff aside, then I become a channel and I simply guide the person out of the issue/problem/challenge with compassion. If I am able to love the person standing in front of me for the simple fact of being a human, without judgment, then I have succeeded in my intent. Then I let Creator do the work and I just witness it!

We all have the ability to heal ourselves, what I am passionate about is simply setting a safe space for the person to develop the awareness he/she needs to apply his/her own transformation! It is quite a magical thing to watch!


ATPB: Who would you suggest to partake in Theta Healing sessions? 

VC: Anyone can benefit from Theta Healing. It can be helpful in case of physical conditions or diseases, emotional traumas, to release fears and phobias, to release habits or addictions, to improve relationships (family, partners, friends, work, money…), achieve personal fulfillment, manifest dreams and desires, increase confidence and self-esteem, achieve a greater level of well-being on all levels. The one and only requisite is the ability for the receiver to believe in a higher force – Universe, God energy that is the essence of all that is, what we are and what always will be.


If you are interested in Theta Healing, contact Viola Crespi!
What healing practices do you follow, pretty birds?


Image Credit: @danielmercadante


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