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My Theresa Workout #5: Three Exercises to Lift and Firm Your Glutes

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We’re back after an intense weekend and are planning this week’s workout schedule. If your are like me and will be hitting the gym (in addition to yoga, pilates and outdoor running), Summer is yonder and it’s a great time to firm up those glutes. I know, it’s always a great time to firm them up, but Summer’s slinky dresses, barely there bikinis, and staple denim cut-offs are calling your name. Sun kissed legs, flirty fabrics, and perfectly frayed hems are waiting to complement this great asset that your mama gave you. Imagine yourself on the beach, with a ginger lemonade in hand, feeling the spray of the surf and enjoying your personal best beach body to the tune of “I’m Feeling Myself.” Looks amazing right? Well, we’ve worked on our arms, abs and legs, I say we round up our efforts with these easy and effective glute exercises! Let’s go Pretty Birds.


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