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My Theresa Workout #10: 3 Pilates Reformer Exercises

Tamu's TV | FITNESS 

As I mentioned in my last #mytworkout, I often skip post-work out stretching due to my hectic schedule. While I don’t stretch regularly, I treat my muscles to the recovery they so deserve with weekly pilates or yoga classes. It’s during these classes that I dissolve tightness and tension in my muscles. When it comes to pilates, I am definitely a beginner and always work with an instructor. So please be mindful that my skill level is absolutely a work in progress. One of the things that I love about pilates is that it is super gentle, and half that time it doesn’t feel like your are even working. But please don’t be fooled, the results and benefits are impressive. For one, it really sculpts your muscles, making your limbs look long and lean. Also, pilates does wonders for strengthening your core and correcting your posture. A strong core and correct posture can positively impact your organ health and mental wellness.


My Theresa Workout #9: Don’t Forget to Stretch

Tamu's TV | FITNESS 

I will be the first to admit it, I hardly ever stretch, even when I workout with my trainer Kirwin. I usually make it to the gym just in time for my session, and I often have to run to an appointment immediately after I cool down. And, boy do I regret not stretching in the following days when I experience blocked leg muscles and tight shoulders. Thank goodness I also practice yoga and Pilates, and I’m able to workout some of the kinks and tend to my sore muscles during those sessions. But aside from those moments, I always declare that I need to prioritize stretching more. Your muscles need it as part of their recovery process. We demand so much from our bodies throughout the course of our daily lives and especially when we workout . It’s only fair that we reward ourselves with a good stretch. So here is a little encouragement for us both: DON’T FORGET TO STRETCH! Your muscles will thank you for it.


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