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The Gancini

The Gancini – Celebrating the Icon of Salvatore Ferragamo

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Salvatore Ferragamo has created The Gancini, a new monogram designed by Women’s Director and my friend Paul Andrew. In creating this new icon, the brand has set in motion a strategy to employ a global selection of artisans with whom it shares similar design principles. To celebrate its release, the brand, in a first project of its kind, collaborated with another dear friend Bryanboy on a series of mini-videos that wittily interpret The Gancini’s modernity and chicness. To realize his vision, Bryan enlisted a group of fellow fashion talent including Aureta, Caro Daur, Carlo Sestini, Diet Prada (Lindsey Schuyler and Tony Liu), Prince Pelayo, Susie Bubble and myself.


This Land Is Your Land

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At the beginning of August, Saidah and I completed the Wisconsin to Washington road trip that I wrote about in Heart Medicine, An American Road Trip. At the very outset of our trip, we learned of Nia Wilson’s murder. As our speedometer began to pile up with mileage, messages of concern rolled in. Friends who were worried about our safety as black women traveling alone with a small child reached out. And honestly, while planning the trip we took many precautions (like renting a satellite phone and signing up for the On Star road service) to ensure continuous communication and an incident-free journey. But, Nia Wilson’s tragic death still sent shock waves through us. As we processed the horrific details of her murder, the spirit of defiance to the Trump administration which had inspired us in the first place was emboldened. We resolved that fear would not be an option; retreating into a confined place was out of the question, and reclaiming the fruits of the land that our ancestors reaped with their own blood was the tip of the needle that would guide us throughout our travels.

No Shopping Challenge

My No Spending Challenge

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After receiving a few convincing signs from the universe and encouragement from a friend, I embarked on a no spending/no shopping challenge for 2.5 months.

I completed the challenge on March 20th, and it was a refreshingly easy feat. Absent were the presumed withdrawal symptoms; nonexistent was the FOMO when Saint Laurent’s Niki slouch velvet boots appeared in my inbox; missing was the insomnia caused by the regret of not getting one of the new Burberry trenches designed by outgoing Creative Director Christopher Bailey; and thwarted was the buildup of clutter in our new apartment.


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