The Top 10 After Sun Creams for Summer 2016

by Team ATPB

Hi Pretty Birds,

At long last summer has arrived. Here in Milan, we are enjoying the pleasant, warm, yet bearable weather and we’ve already begun soaking in the season’s first rays (never forgetting our high protection sun cream, of course). After having enjoyed my first weekend at the beach (along the gorgeous Sicilian coasts), I tested some new after sun products for you. If you’re wondering why it is essential to bring an after sun product with you, the answer is because it not only calms, soothes and hydrates skin, but it also makes your tan last longer. Convinced yet? Have a look at the gallery and find the product that’s right for you.


The Top 10 After Sun Creams for Summer 

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After Sun Soiler Bronzer Lancome reveals a luminous, uniform tan with a radiant, satin finish. Enriched with a triad of precious oils (argan, monoï, and rosa canina), this delicately scented, fast-absorbing after sun milk wraps skin in a veil of softness and freshness.

Avène Latte Ristrutturante after sun soothes and hydrates sensitive skin after exposure to sun and helps make tan last longer.

DEFENCE SUN rehydrating after sun milk by BioNike features a light, fast-absorbing formula. It creates a pleasant sensation of freshness and counterbalances skin’s natural hydration level, helping minimize peeling. Thanks to its exclusive “PRO-REPAIR Complex,” it contrasts damage caused by sun, even after exposure, facilitating the skin’s natural, biological repair mechanisms.

Coppertone’s Ultra-hydrating after sun milk provides intensive hydration for 24 hours. It keeps skin soft and luminous, with a  pleasant “silky effect” thanks to soothing, nourishing elements like Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Hyaluronic Acid and Omega 6.

After sun hydrating repair milk by Yves Rocher immediately refreshes skin and alleviates the sensation of “pulling skin.” Its formula contains over 91% natural ingredients and comes in a recyclable container.

Lait Fraîcheur Après-Soleil Visage et Corps NUXE Sun is a fresh after sun milk for both face and body containing  sun and water flowers, which repairs and soothes skin, and prolongs tanning for two weeks, keeping it sublime. Ideal for fair skin and sensitive areas (face, neckline and hands), it prevents spots and doesn’t leave a white film.

Photoderm Apres soleil SOS by Bioderma is ideal for sensitive skin that is red or inflamed. This is because it acts biologically on the inflammation and irritation thanks to a high concentration of Enoxolone, for an immediate and lasting effect. This is due to the glycerin and sodium salts which repair the skin’s barrier and keep skin soft and hydrated, while the patented Cellular BIOprotection® ensures cellular protection even after exposure.

Bilboa Coconut Beauty After Sun contains jojoba oil micropearls which nourish skin and give it a touch of brightness. Its formula includes active anti-age ingredients. The plus? It has an irresistible coconut scent.

Emulsione doposole rigenerante by Deborah Bioetyc has a non-greasy formula which refreshes skin without making it oily, and leaves it feeling soft and velvety. It smoothes and hydrates deeply after exposure to sun thanks to the HYDRA24 COMPLEX which creates a soft film that limits dehydration and replenishes natural elasticity. Meanwhile, Shea butter and Fucogel 1000®, provide deep nourishment.

Sunific Premium Baume Regenerant Lierac is an after sun, anti-age total conditioner which corrects signs of  photoageing and prolongs tanning. Its active texture is simultaneously fresh and nourishing and ensures an instant beauty treatment. A firming action is guaranteed by the vegetable berry extracts, while bioflavonoids repair skin and ensure regeneration. Finally, hyaluronic acid creates a smoothing, hydrating effect.

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