The Top 8 Retreat Destinations Right Here in the U.S.

by Roki Prunali

retreat destinations

I am in desperate need of a spiritual retreat halfway into what has panned out to be a stress-filled year.  Who’s with me? A “reset”, shall we call it, to get my mind right and body feeling healed? While I may not be able to travel too far to get this do-over, there are some destinations that are as close as my backyard. We will always have our favorite retreats – who could forget the revitalizing stay Tamu had at The Ranch – but venturing out for new spiritual and healing experiences this year is definitely at the top of my priority list. Here are some retreat destinations right here in the United States.

retreat destinations

Mii Amo, Sedona, Arizona

A visit to Mii Amo is a journey – mii amo means one’s path or journey – and whether your intentions are spiritual or nurturing, this location is full of natural beauty and endless spiritual healing. With the soaring red rock backdrop of Sedona, Arizona, it is steeped in the sacred Native American culture of the Southwest desert.  Manriquez-Fox is their very own clinical hypnotherapist for any of your regression therapy needs. This can be a strange process for some, but being open will allow you to connect to something even bigger or fully realize things that have been lying dormant all along.

retreat destinations

The Ashram, Calabasas, California

Nestled in the gorgeous Santa Monica Mountains, this health and tranquility oasis has been welcoming guests since 1974. You will be transformed during a weeklong retreat focused on mindful eating, invigorating and restorative exercise and just getting yourself back on the health bandwagon. Even our high priestess spirit guide, Oprah, has stayed at this hard-core hideaway, with no frills lodging and an 18 mile hike, along with organic vegetarian meals with vegetables from their own garden.

retreat destinations

Miraval Monarch Beach Resort, Dana Point, California

Not only does this wellness spa offer some breathtaking views of the ocean from the eyes of Orange County, but it even has its own in house dream analyzer. Anna Karin Bjorklund offers casual sessions, but with her powers is able to get all that emotional stuff out that you did not even know was in there. Whatever you’re looking for, this resort offers a plethora of specialists. From dieticians to a shamanic practitioner or their psychic medium and spiritual healer, this place is not lacking in ways to awaken and strengthen your spirit.

retreat destinations

New Life Hiking Spa, Killington, Vermont

As the name suggests, there is a lot of hiking done here, but it is hard to deny the beautiful backdrop of this lodge. If you are not an avid hiker, there are a different kinds of terrain for the level of hikers.  Depending if your goal is just to getaway, weight loss, or an extended wellness retreat, there are different packages for whatever length of stay you are interested in.


retreat destinations

Golden Door, San Marcos California

A Japanese inspired health spa, known for tending to some of Hollywood’s finest, helps its patrons lose weight and get pampered while also reflect in their Japanese gardens. With bringing light to the meaning farm to table, Golden Door places “Golden Values” on their conscientious nutrition. Maintaining high values for fresh produce grown on their bio-intensive farms, they are dedicated to recharging your body. A weeklong stay includes fitness classes, six massages, four skin care treatments, a mani-pedi, and a blowout, plus bodywork sessions like acupuncture, energy healing, and chakra clearing are all steadily available upon request.

retreat destinations

We Care Spa, Desert Hot Springs, California

Dedicated to fasting, purification, and spiritual renewal not only to clients reportedly lose an average of seven pounds per week, but gain a peace of mind. Your stay includes a liquid diet of juices and soups, probiotics with a list of treatments from colon hydrotherapy to Reiki and breath work classes, and even fire ceremonies to help your transformation. If you are interested in taking home what you experienced at the spa, they offer classes to explain why they do what they do and how to apply this newfound knowledge to your daily life.  

retreat destinations

Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, Ojai, California

Ojai to me is synonymous with spirituality and this resort does not disappoint. Nestled on the coastal valley with 220 oak-filled acres, the Ojai Valley Inn offers not only a spiritual spa experience, but also golf courses, and Artist cottage and apothecary. Nancy Furst, with her extensive training in Native American spiritual practices, sends you on a meditative guided journey. Her specialty is in Lakota Sioux tribe’s practices and connects you with your spirit guides. Joanne Menon, a spiritual Life Coach, can also help you on a path towards your soul’s purpose and shift your perspective from goal oriented to soul orientated.

retreat destinations

Aire Ancient Baths, New York City, New York

A luxury bathhouse in SoHo, this is a great staycation for any New Yorker looking to reset. Almost as you are being transported back in time right in the middle of downtown New York, you can experience Roman, Greek and Ottoman style baths.  Even looking to reset with a loved one, the romantic candlelight atmosphere will get you on the right path. The Red Wine Experience – anything that has red wine in the name I say yes to – starts with a half hour soak in a concentrate of Spanish Ribera del Duero red grapes, with a simultaneous scalp and facial massage. Followed by an hour massage and 90 minute thermal bath.


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