The Super Juice You Should Be Starting Your Day With

by Roki Prunali

Celery Juice

Photo by Lynn Karlin

Having been stationed in the mecca of wellness trends for some months now, I am growing used to having the latest fads in my face every day. The radio, my Instagram feed, my friend and her mother (literally, everyone and their mother), everywhere I go they are all pushing one thing, a cure-all super juice: celery juice.


Super Juice to the Rescue

Though many have come forward to claim their ownership over this trend, the one true pioneer in the celery juice world seems to be Anthony William – better known in the world of social media as the Medical Medium. William has witnessed many people suffer from unexplainable chronic illnesses without finding relief. And he has seen a miraculous restoral of health by simply drinking sixteen ounces of straight celery juice on an empty stomach.

Just to be clear, there is no concrete evidence or science backing up William’s super juice claims. He is not a licensed doctor or health care practitioner. He calls himself the Medical Medium because he hears a voice, which he calls the “Spirit”, that guides him in healing those with whom he works. When he was about eight years old, the Spirit told him to drink celery juice on its own, and since then he has prescribed it for the people he heals.

This so called miracle juice’s power is in its simplicity. It’s truly just celery juice, without adding anything else because it will dilute the superpowers of the celery juice. While it is perfectly fine to add celery to your other juices, celery juice’s power is best served solo about 15 minutes before consuming anything else.


To Eat or to Juice?

Why not simply eat celery? Juicing removes the pulp and fiber, making the healing benefits of the juice more bioavailable. More obviously, you will be able to consume more celery without eating all the pulp. Some argue that the benefit of eating celery is its filling fiber qualities, and so juicing gives you the benefits but with less calories, and filling you up faster. Once you juice the celery, the amount of calories increases.

However, eating celery may reduce your absorption of a higher concentration of a sodium subgroup called cluster salts. These cluster salts, as William calls them, provide key support to the liver’s immune system, while also binding to toxins to help flush them from the liver entirely. They are responsible for rebuilding hydrochloric acid, which aids your stomach in the breakdown of protein, and rid of the viruses and bacteria that enter through your mouth.

Many chronic illness emerge due to our liver being overworked and needing a little boost. Our liver becomes sluggish due to exposure to chemicals, pollutants, pathogens, and foods. Celery juice increases your bile production, which is highly important in breaking down fats and killing off pathogens that would otherwise be busy wreaking havoc on your body.

One of its biggest claims to fame – and probably what most piqued my attention – is its role in helping clear up skin problems, ranging from psoriasis to eczema and even acne. Its supreme hydration and anti-inflammatory properties aid in clearing skin – though for now, we only have the accounts from those the Medical Medium has inspired in clearing their psoriasis and eczema.

Besides William’s claims, people may be seeing such positive effects due to celery’s excellent doses of potassium, Vitamin K, and flavonoids, which have shown in studies to aid in lowering blood pressure and inflammation and also maintain electrolyte balance. Also, since celery is made up mostly of water, its hydrating properties help reduce bloating and boost your energy.


The Early Bird Drinks the Super Juice

Ideally it is best to drink your juice first thing in the morning, because as it gets to work it will strengthen your digestion for the rest of the day. William recommends sixteen ounces a day – about a large bunch of celery. Remember that celery juice is not for sustenance; you will still need breakfast after. Late riser like myself? If you are not able to get your celery juice bright and early, try consuming your juice about thirty minutes before eating your first meal. For optimal nutrient intake, drink immediately after juicing, and always be sure to drink within 24 hours of juicing.

Be prepared for some change when it comes to your normal bathroom movements. The main purpose of celery juice is detox, so expect some differences in your digestion and excretion as the toxins are leaving your body.

William claims it is perfectly safe to drink while pregnant, but I have still been a bit slow to introducing celery juice into my daily life. Every once in a while – especially when I don’t have pregnancy brain and actually remember to buy celery – I start my day with a glass of celery juice. One of the benefits is reducing brain fog, so let’s see if it helps with my pregnancy brain. While I believe the road to healthy living may not be just one super juice, but an overall healthy lifestyle and diet, if you enjoy celery juice it may become a part of your journey to healing.


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