The Statement Blazer and The Cropped Jean

by Tamu McPherson


The Statement Blazer and The Cropped Jean

Hey There Pretty birds,
Back in December when I started to think about what I would be living in this Summer, I knew for sure that statement blazers and cropped jeans had to be on massive repeat. The bolder the statement, the more frequent the replay. The higher the hem, the better the frequency. I mean you can clock countless miles in statement blazer . It’s a pure object of versatility, you can wear it with anything – insert slip dresses, midi skirts or flared trousers here. And cropped jeans are just too cool for school. I can’t think of one reason why you wouldn’t want to wear them. But, if you have one, please share in the comments. So prepare yourselves to see me in this Isa Arfen jacket and these Alexander Wang jeans (worn together or paired with other closet favorites) all summer long. And of course the Celine mules and Annie Costello Brown earrings. I picked up the bag at a tiny boutique in Bridgehampton.

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