The Natural Curator: Launching A New Luxury Green Beauty Website

by Team ATPB

The Natural Curator: Launching A New Luxury Green Beauty Website by Michela Marra



Hi Pretty Birds,

Today we’d like to talk to you about something new in the eco-friendly beauty world. Natural beauty finally enters the luxury market. This year, aware of the growing interest on a worldwide scale for green products in the cosmetics industry, Karine Lachapelle and Gabrielle Tanguay, both from the Net-à-porter galaxy, have founded “The Natural Curator” which they themselves have defined «the ultimate shopping destination for all things Natural Beauty». «There was a gap on the market – said LaChapelle in an interview for WWD Magazine – because no online platform allowed for the purchase of luxury natural beauty products, nor did any platform market those products using modern and sophisticated communications strategies.»

The new team’s objective is to allow demanding consumers who identify with the world of green beauty to discover new contemporary products that possess elegant appeal. The first step taken  seems to be going in exactly that direction: just days ago, the website launched a truly innovative campaign for the sector. “The Beauty Menu” combines images of ingredients, featured on white dishes, creating a sort of minimalist allure, with explanations for readers of what the function of each ingredient is. Beside each dish, there is also a description of every single brand. «The basic idea – explain the two founders – is that the product ingredients are so good that if we could eat them, we’d do so willingly.»

The selection of featured brands is truly rigorous, as is immediately evident when you visit the website. Aila, Rituel de Fille, Antipodes, Briogeo, John Master Organic, Lily Lolo (which we adore!), Uma Oils and Vapour are just a few of the brands you’ll find. One of  the goals “The Natural Curator” has set for itself is that of focusing on quality rather than on quantity.

For the time being, the site’s e-commerce services will only be accessibile in North America, but LaChapelle and Tanguay plan to expand to Europe (and obviously, those of us who live in Italy can’t wait to try out their products) and Japan as well over the next two years. The team also plan to open up “Beauty Pods” pop up shops in North America in order to strengthen consumer relations and expose customers first hand to all of the products the e-shop offers. Another future project includes launching a digital magazine, “The Beauty Report” which «will be similar to The Edit on Net-à-porter, even if this will require a lot of time,» specifies Lachapelle.

Good luck, guys!

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