The Importance of Nurturing Your Moon Sign

by Adama Sesay

nurturing your moon sign astrology


We track moon cycles for astrological and mystical purposes but did you know the moon in your chart represents your emotions, instincts, and how you feel? Depending on your chart, it may even resonate with you more than your sun sign. The moon is also deeply symbolic of your relationship with your mother, what nurtures you and fits into your comfort zone. Your moon sign doesn’t show to others at first glance like the rising sign. It’s more on display for friends, family, and the people you know.


Nurturing Your Moon Sign

When your moon feels fulfilled, it can help shift anxiety, stress, and you can feel an overwhelming sense of calm. Especially during a time where staying home often is the norm, creating a sanctuary in your home specific to your moon can keep your vibration high. Practicing self-care tailored for your moon sign is a form of ultimate self-care, especially during challenging or intense times. You can find your moon with an online calculator to determine which moon sign energy applies to you. 


Here are self-care tips inspired by the importance of nurturing your moon sign below:


Aries Moon

Aries is a fire sign with a bright internal fire and energy. When the moon is in this position, it needs an energetic outlet. Emotions can be reactive but subside fairly quickly. If they aren’t active or burning off the steam they can feel stifled and uninspired. Keeping a workout routine or exercise regimen of your choice can help! Try an indoor bike or taking a brisk walk or run daily. 


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Taurus Moon

When the moon is in the earth sign of Taurus, it is in its exalted, or optimal position. The moon likes to be comfy and cozy in this position! You love luxury, style, and to be surrounded by beauty. Take time to curate and DIY your home surroundings. Light touches of indoor plants or flower arrangements can feed your love for nature.


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Gemini Moon 

A Gemini moon is the chattiest of moons! This air energy needs constant conversation and stimulation. Creating your own podcast as an outlet could be a fun-filled way to feed your spirit. Or subscribe to ones with topics that interest you.


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Cancer Moon

The moon is at home in the water sign of Cancer. This is an extremely emotional moon with an attachment to the mother regardless of the relationship. Take care of and nurture those you live with, friends, and family. Cooking a small dinner for friends or family can feed your soul. You could also adopt a pet or become a plant mom!


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Leo Moon

You are a fun-loving placement for the moon. Leo is a fire sign that loves to be the star of the show or center of attention. Play, creativity, and self-expression is an emotional outlet for you. Integrating this into your day can keep you joyful! Take time to play with your children if you have them. If you draw, paint, or play music indulge in these hobbies. Having impromptu dance parties at home is always a good idea too.


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Virgo Moon

You are the most practical, and analytical earth sign. Keeping an organized schedule helps you feel grounded and content. When your life becomes out of order, you can feel overwhelmed and unhappy. Create a routine that works for you and nurtures your mind, body, and health. You will feel a lot better!


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Libra Moon

Peace, balance, and harmony all represent your moon. As an air sign, Libra tends to keep their emotions in check especially for the sake of others. You also love your surroundings to be aesthetically pleasing and conflict-free. Starting a DIY craft project to beautify your home and invite close friends, family, or roommates to join in.


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Scorpio Moon

Scorpio is the most intense position for the moon to be in. As a water sign, emotions run deeply and most of the time this is not visible from the outside looking in. Breathwork is a fantastic practice that can help move emotion through the body using the power of breath. Attending an online session with a trained practitioner is the perfect way for you to honor and release your emotions.


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Sagittarius Moon

You are the freedom-loving and optimistic moon! As a fire sign, you are the trailblazer and love to broaden your horizons through travel. As this is limited right now, growing your knowledge online is a great option for you. Take a course in a foreign language or topic you are interested in learning more about.


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Capricorn Moon

Capricorn is a sturdy and work-oriented earth sign. You put your all into building your professional world and tend to not be as emotional. Using work as an outlet can be easy, but remember to take breaks. Meditation is an excellent way for a Capricorn moon to let their mind rest and restore.


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Aquarius Moon

Aquarius moons are the humanitarians of the zodiac. You feel deeply for the collective and can involve yourself heavily with politics and world events. You are logical with your emotions as an air sign. Remember that you must take care of yourself in order to show up for others. Taking news cycle breaks is one way to do this. You also could take time to volunteer in your local community.


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Pisces Moon

You are another deeply emotional water sign, Pisces. When the moon is in this position you feel just about everything. Deeply empathetic, you can overextend yourself for others at times. Knowing your boundaries with work, events, family, and overall life can help you feel tranquil. Incorporate saying no when you intuitively know you should. Use that time to be alone and recharge your energy.


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Illustration by Janelle Burger @janelleburger


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