The Ginger-Lemon-Turmeric Detox Drink

The Ginger-Lemon-Tumeric Detox Drink By Kristi Veliaj

Dear Pretty Birds,

Getting home after a vacation always seems like the right time to compile a list of “autumn resolutions.” Every year, as summer draws to a close, I find myself dealing with the usual few extra kilos I put on each time I venture out to southern Italy. I consider them my personal souvenir of a place where it is impossible to avoid indulging in greasy flat bread or high calorie snacks. On a rainy, late August afternoon, while I was up to my neck in emails and deadlines, and after having had one coffee too many, I felt the irrepressible need to devise a detox plan before officially converting to a vice-based diet, designed for those of us with a sweet tooth.