The Colorful Jetsetter

by Tamu McPherson

The Colorful Jetsetter AJacket by Sies Marjan, turtleneck sweater by Balenciaga, trousers by Rebecca De Ravenel, all courtesy of The Webster.


As my family and I head to Japan for spring break, I am thinking about all of the spring favorites I will be packing. Naturally, I’ve been daydreaming about the iconic cherry blossoms and all the colorful looks I plan to wear as we explore this exciting country.

This season’s brightest pieces have an extra dash of allure. Silks are especially shiny in colors like red, fuchsia and teal, and a myriad of fabrics are stamped with punchy graphics, and adorned with elevated checks and the fiercest furry pets. How perfect will I look in Ginza, for example, with Marques’Almeida’s fun ruffle sleeve dress and trouser combo? And Rebecca de Ravenel’s tiger print skirt will blend in nicely in vibrant and ever inspiring Harajuku.

Since it is a transitional season, with the earth slowly thawing from winter’s freeze, cute outerwear is still a requisite. I don’t know about you, but it takes some time for my bones to warm up as early spring’s seesawing temperatures often leave me feeling uncomfortably chilly. But thankfully, tactile fuzzy jackets are on offer and they are the perfect remedy for goosebumps. Please picture me exiting the Shinkansen with Sies Marjan’s gorgeous mint green style draped over my shoulders – an ecliptic moment of slayage if I do say so myself.

Then, after a long day of taking in all of the glorious sites in Kyoto, I can totally imagine myself in a Ryokan situation with a traditional kimono layered over Hellessy’s wrap top and wide leg trouser. I mean what else?

What will you be wearing for spring break? Leave us a couple lines in the comments below.


Jacket by Sies Marjan, turtleneck sweater by Balenciaga, trousers by Rebecca De Ravenel, all courtesy of The Webster

The Colorful Jetsetter2Look by Hellessy, Earrings by Celine.

The Colorful Jetsetter 3Look by Marques’Almeida courtesy of The Webster, booties by Tibi.

The Colorful Jetsetter 4Skirt by Rebecca De Ravenel courtesy of The Webster, turtleneck by & Other Stories, sunglasses and by Celine, boots by Gucci.

Please enjoy the shopping below:

Skirt by Givenchy
Sweater by Lingua Franca
Trousers by Lem Lem

Sweater by Valentino
Coat by Sies Marjan

Colorful Jetsetter 14
Jacket by Yves Salomon
Trousers by Proenza Schouler
Top by Burberry
Blouse by Rebecca De Ravenel
Trousers by Rebecca De Ravenel
Sweat top by Gucci
Dress by The Vampire’s Wife
Dress by Marques’Almeida
Trousers by Marques’Almeida

Skirt by Rebecca De Ravenel

A special thank you to The Webster for lending us the looks indicated in The Colorful Jetsetter.

Images by Darrel Hunter.

Styling by Sophia Lemaire.

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