No Gym, No Worries- The Best Streaming Workouts

Though I may be a pretty active and fit person, I still need that extra push to every single workout appointment, or the accountability goes out the door. Whether it is the Barry’s Bootcamp trainer yelling at me to stop taking breaks or my yoga teacher gently pushing me into positions that I didn’t even know my body could twist into, I need that affirmation and guidance on the daily. I have nowhere near the gusto and determination that Tamu has to get off the couch and run…alone. But, August has finally arrived, which here in Italy means VACATION MODE all day, every day (well not really the case when your work is online – that is really work, all day, every day). Anyways, in my somewhat-vacation mode, while I am far from home and my trusty gyms, I really need that little kick in the butt, or else, like every other August, I am left with the extra weight gain from the workout abstinence and steady stream of rosé. Which makes coming back to real life that much harder, because, let’s just say, all my muscles have turned to mush.